Blitzkrieg Baby – Cannibal Commando – Beläten

There is no hope in Ultra Negative Industrial World of BB.


Welcome to the uncompromising world of Cannibal Commando, the third release of Blitzkrieg Baby, the intransigent martial band from Norway.

This is the third release of Blitzkrieg Baby and the third that I have the honor to write about.  Yeah I’m becoming the number one specialist in their music.

Following the credo of old Laibach, SPK, Arditi, Blood Axis and the likes, this short release will blow the minds of those who are after the sound of despair, the reverse of hope, but this is not sadness: this is agony, cutting throat affliction, disgraceful hardship of the anima. Big words, you might be thinking: I’d reply that there’s no other way to translate in words their sound, and their sound is the very translation of these words.

First song Cannibal Commando, is pure warlike, soldier-of-fortune post-apocalyptic rape of mankind with atrocities being whispered one-by-one into one’s ears, billions of them, the description of the disgraceful world of the miserable souls reaching you in your safe reality. Rhythmically enticing, with the beats sounding like a masked army of psychotic paratroopers marching, searching for you and your kin, to rape, eliminate, rape again and them eating it. Almost like the guy who called you last night saying that he would do the same things with you by telephone or Whatsapp. Poor you, you thought it was a joke…

After the leftovers of unrecognized corpses were left there to rot under the toxic sun, the second song There Will be Casulties is like a DEFCON 2 (the state where may occur a nuclear war) sounding the alarm, and although the voices are deeply muddied in the backdrop, the sonic sensation is an advice for you to seek shelter or you may die. Well you ARE GOING TO die anyway, but you know, people like to be comforted even when they are being abused.

This Is Where Empathy Comes To Die is the intermission: after the nuking of your country the machines are searching for heat in order to eliminate the rest of the population. Forget about Skynet, this is much more efficient.

Spit sonically speaking (over again you might be thinking that the words are escaping me, but in this point I cannot comprehend the lyrical content, so I’m describing solely the song), is a tune that represents the very fabric of the vultures, not circling around the bodies of you and your beloved ones, but actually devouring the burnt flesh of them.

Cut. Slash. Maim. Kill returns to rhythmical 4/4 soldier-like steps in earnest, the texture resembling a kind of organized, looping white noise, very interesting and well made.

Cannibal Commando managed to do the impossible. It surpassed the demented turf of Kids’ World (the second Blitzkrieg Baby offer) and went to another stage of magnificent anarchy. Feel the lashings onto your back. Feel the suffering. Let death touches you with its blistering toes. After all I know you are begging for it.

Cannibal Commando is out NOW on Beläten.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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