Nashorn – Echoes Of War – Morbid Syndicate

Mid-tempo old school death metal from where? No, not Sweden, it’s from Finland!


This Finnish band are unknowns to my person and the first contact always generates some strangeness: Nashhorn.

They have, under their belt, two demos released and now this EP.

Echoes of War is notably an old-school death metal release. Does it have some Black spice? Yes, it does, but in order to not generate confusion let’s say by convention they are Death Metal.

But I digress: their sound is not seasoned and it’s clear it’s a new band trying to do something old. Kind of boring sound at first sight, never getting fast as the speed of light, no song has any high BPM: but beware: what can be considered a disqualified sound, it’s indeed their true power: there are not Entombed imitators. Okay supposing that nobody’s perfect, there are SOME resemblance here and there. But that’s all.

Mixing a new attitude with an old approach creates an original phenomenon: a new musical algorithm, doom-laden music, but not funeral, it’s more animated than that.

There’s no real high spot in this release, but the collective is what it makes it good: returning to the assertion of the beginning and concluding it: if it generates some strangeness in the first track you’ll be taken by the balls at the last.

 Echoes of War  is out on October 15th on Morbid Syndicate.


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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