Aosoth / Order of Orias – Split 12″MLP – W.T.C.Productions

When France and Australia collide… OR When two big countries join SATANIC FORCES!


Aosoth, the PURE cult from France is releasing a split album with the excellent Order of Orias from Oz, and the final cut couldn’t be more superb!

Appendix B, I suppose, is the continuation of Appendix A from the split with American band Kommandant. Everything leads to the conclusion that the Appendix C is going to be released yet this month. I’m freaking genius, ain’t I?

Each band contributes with one track and each track is more than 10-minutes long.

The Aosoth track is a chaotic song from nihil to create a musical atmosphere of lawlessness and destruction: guitars are tuned and recorded in a way that the listener gets total and brutal nauseous feelings of infinite vortex. As the track is lengthy and the listener, inferring that Aosoth makes iterations throughout the track, gets surprised to discover that this is a kind of Progressive Black Metal, now why labels suck: it’s simple: because I have to explain myself every single time and here I go again… No, Aosoth didn’t appeal to the last resort of Opeth-ness. They really accelerate their Black Metal, de-accelerate by the middle of the song and turbo-charge it again in order to power up the side effects of the work. Rich and opulent over again Aosoth wins over the minds and souls of the metal slaves.

Order of Orias in its turn, presents something a little less intense in velocity but equally intense in thickness: this is Black Metal, period! But it is a middle tempo onslaught, leaving the atmosphere very “heavy” and I’m not talking about metal. The feeling of darkness-over-human inside the room is so severe that this is capable to alter the mood of the listener from happiness to suicide. The song starts very snail-paced to a brutal lament of satanic ratio then it suddenly stops and starts over again… It’s like a twofold nightmare. Great, great band and I’m sure that they are the winner in the contest of unknown bands in my book.

You must listen to this split for two simple reasons apart of the two bands being great: the first is that the two songs don’t sound like studio leftovers used simply to be released to promote the group, as in the time being the ensemble is not releasing something proper… each band treats this release as a “normal” release. The second one is that the very length of the split (clocking in at 24 minutes) makes it a proper “mini album” to be degusted while one is in a dark room full of despair and hate for mankind.

Aosoth / Order of Orias Split 12″MLP will be released T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W. on  W.T.C.Productions

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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