All Hell – The Red Sect – Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

The cult of UH!


This is the sophomore album of All Hell, a then unknown band for me, and of course I haven’t heard their first offering. I should. Because this thing is intense!

When one puts the album to spin it is just ordinary stuff, and then the surprises, metallic surprises, infernal surprises, trve and kvlt svrprises start to appear, at first peeping through the window, shy, then taking all over the place in a warlike assault with violence, brutality and rape!

Listening to the first track Crossroads was a non-emotional experience, I said, “Damn, another CD, let’s go and hear it”: a metal punk in the vein of Nekrofilth and Tiger Junkies, very D-beat, nothing impressive as there is a kind of tendency to do this kind of music.

However by the third track called Venomous one starts to notice something really true… some familiar riffs, what is that? Fuck, I know that is old, but is it German Thrash? No definitely not? Some obscure Black Metal band from Hungary or Poland? Wrong guess so what is that? Let’s continue listening…

Graveyard Dust gives some clue: this sounds like Toxic Holocaust but this is not a copy. So what then? Wait! Another piece in the enigma: by reading the press release one discovers that the producer is Joel Grind. Hell…

Then comes In My Command, and as the blood starts to boil and a compelling force to headbang comes over, the enigma is solved: CELTIC FROST. It was there all the time, this thing is a copy of Circle of The Tyrants… is this a bad thing? Man, Celtic FUCKING Frost is never a bad thing. Jacob Curwen takes the form of Thomas Gabriel Fischer… fuck this, it is TOM WARRIOR! And the UH’s are all over the place if you know what I mean!

Blackshape dares to go further and takes the form of Venom

But there’s no way to escape, The Unseen shows the Celtic Frost-esque experience over again, with some fast black metal parts like Immortal, but that is just a spasm.

Funeral Feast reserves another surprise… the sound is like BATHORY! I could swear I was listening to The Reaper… Fuck dude, this is true to the core.

The outcome: a killer CD, a fiesta of satanic proportions where demons, whores and cocaine are abundant, take your drink and headbang between a porn star tits: IN HELL!

The Red Sect  will be out on October 16th on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Murashita – Inescapable Damnation – Self-released

The Melodic Death Metal world of Masaki Murashita


Masaki Murashita is known for his old thrash metal outfit Hemoptysis. Coming from that experience he decided to somewhat continue what he has done so far, but with sensible change of direction. Some would call it evolution, but as even cancer evolves I would call it “the next stage”

This band is for those who like Swedish Metal in the vein of Arch Enemy (which seems to be the latent influence here) and others of the same crop.

This Cd has five songs and it counts with top musicians such as David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity), Rodney McGlothlin (Voice Of Dissent). Mr. Murashita is armed to the teeth!

Retribution kicks off the mini album with an intricate but very technical form of extreme metal. All the riffs and subsequent solos and phrases are understandable and the time signatures are complex to the players (or maybe not) but palatable to the listener.

Inescapable Damnation, the most ambitious and sticky track has vocals that are harsh but understandable, which is rare these days. There’s not just “noise” in the sense of “let’s puts some riffs in motion, scream to death and them we have a band”: no! Murashita thought riff by riff, stanza by stanza and the changes of phrase and/or tempo (for example from what is being sung to the solo) always have a musical bridge to attach the spare parts.

The 3rd track called Death or Glory, although being an earworm, commits the capital sin of cliché. Death or Glory is a famous song by the immortal Running Wild and the axiom: no pain no gain was maybe used, like the Phoenix allegory, by countless bands around the world. Apart of these faults Murashita sticks to his guns and delivers a great metal number, competent as he is.

Conquer to Foe sounds like a mix of Carcass (Heartwork era) with old Soilwork (The Chainheart Machine era, not the mediocre faddist metalcore of today). Although this sounds more toothsome to the ears, it’s nonetheless a superb number.

Last track returns to the intricate parts of the first song, making it a great tune, over again the harsh vocals making the ears blister, but with an intelligent skeleton and what a hell of solos. I must say the soloing is the art of Masaki Murashita. He would succeed if he did power metal from example or technical brutal death metal, or as a solo virtuoso guitarist. He would succeed anyway.

Well the bottom line is: kings are born kings, so don’t waste your time and pay homage to Murashita. Now, you mortal!

Inescapable Damnation will be out next October 16th and it will be Self-released. 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Cryptic Realms – Eve of Fatality TAPE – Weed Hunter Records.

A cursed breed of technological Globalization.


Cryptic Realms is not an ordinary band. This is what people use to call “international” band with members from several parts of the globe collaborating via internet. Honestly that always amused me, I mean it’s difficult to create a song with four guys in a practice room, imagine four guys having tele-ideas, actually recording them, and sending them back to each order. Is it centralized? For me it’s rather confusing.

The final product tho, is far from being “confusing” It’s very understandable death metal in the vein of Obituary and Massacre, the vocals reverberating that.

The ensemble counts with Κωστας Αναλυτής (Abyssus and ex Necrosis, All Vocals), Tersis Zonato (Lutemkrat, Offal, ex- Axecuter, Lead Guitar), Uriel Aguillon (Morbicus, Rotting Away, Necrotite, ex- Gutwrench, Guitars / Drum)  and Victor Varas (Tritton, Bass Guitar). In the backcover of the tape is written: “All vocals recorded in Athens (Greece) guitar/ drum recorded in Deva (Romania), Guitars solos recorded in Curitiba (Brazil) and bass guitar recorded in Mexico City (Mexico).

That is simply marvelous since the output couldn’t be better. They relied in simply composition to avoid confusion in the final mix/mastering. The songs have simple death metal structure, but that’s not to say that they are uninspired. On the contrary, they invoke demons from the distant past to this Hit-Tech era.

Off course, as nothing is perfect, with sharp ears, one can perceive minor gap error in the final mix in the track Necrophagous, for example, but that doesn’t compromise the whole record.

They achieved a milestone here: breaking border through music. No, I’m not saying that romantically. They DID have broken borders with their experiment. The final product couldn’t be better.

Eve of Fatality TAPE is out N.O.W. on Weed Hunter Recods. Get you copy on Bandcamp:


Or directly on

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Pentagram (Chile) / Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Ritual Human Slaughter / La Mujer El Diablo y El Permiso de Dios – Iron Bonehead

Classic South American bands join satanic forces!


Pentagram Chile (for those who don’t know the current spelling is exactly that for obvious reasons) and their countrymen Unaussprechlichen Kulten (this name is unpronounceable, got it? Got it?) are now cohorts in this newest split.

Sectarian death metal with hints of satanic might for sectarian headbangers, this split is melting my face off!

Pentagram Chile starts with the snail-paced Ritual Human Sacrifice, classic as the band itself, a true cult of the occult. The sound is very palatable to old-timers, and then the music goes to a very packed death metal in the 1980’s and 1980’s way, no modernity allowable here! Classic riffs, spectacular solo that comes from nearby cemetery and the vocals are retched in an unremitting style with no ancillary parts. This is the extreme death metal: not fast, not technical, but true to the code of the elders.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten and its ineffable (GOT IT? GOT IT?) death metal is more satanic in approach near European and North American bands. The brutality is unspeakable (sorry this was the last one, I couldn’t help myself) the sound is ultra heavy and muddy and the velocity is outta sight.

This is one of the best splits of the year, get it or go die. Bow down to South American EVIL!

Ritual Human Slaughter / La Mujer, El Diablo y El Permiso de Dios is out N.O.W. on  Iron Bonehead 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta – demo 2015 – Self Released

The gore is not deceased in the country of death!


One thing seems to survive like a zombie: the goregrind in Brazil and Latin America (I do hate this terminology, Satan knows I do).

Anyway, how surprised I was to hear that a new band was looming on the horizon of South American hinterland: roughly translated to Bloody Necrovaginal Regurgitation this band is a seminal blend of old Carcass and a good production of today studios.

Very organic and authentic to their style this band is the wet dream of any deathbanger: low-pitched bellows, the bass line in staccato, guitars cutting like an oxidized razor.

After a short intro, AxExEx starts in a mid-tempo disgraceful approach, excellent production, then after 4 beats, everything sets off in a brutal death metal attack and that’s that. Short, concise and full of revulsion.

Loathe for human race continues in the subsequent track that has a sewage-like vocalizations as a highlight.

The last debasing called Necrozoofilia has a curious stoppage with a chainsaw and a female’s yell. So everything turns into what it is the last part of the song.

All of this in a 6-minute package that shows off that no one is safe from the subterranean incursion of Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta, one of the best Brazilian bands at the moment. I wish they never lose momentum.

Demo 2015 is out now and it’s Self Released. It can be heard on Bandcamp.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Venefixion – Defixio TAPE – Iron Bonehead

Another hidden gem of true black death metal


Blackened Death Metal never ceases to leave me in awe. This time around we have Venefixion from Brittany, France, formed by an Aussie guy called K. Desecrator and a deutschen lad called F. Goathroat who added a third guy named W. Cadaver on lead guitar and the power trio of speed/death/black metal was complete.

Although it’s old school, it’s not retro black metal, although I would name it “modern old school thrash metal”. Their sound is vile but they don’t appeal to overtly technics. They just follow their primitive human instincts of hate and despise for human race to produce an opus that is noxious and callous.

La Secte Rouge is phantasmagoric, dirty and mean. Death Thrash metal encapsulated by a black metal aura in the vein of Toxic Holocaust, Vulcano, Nifelheim and Sabbat (from Japan).

Take notice that I’ve been putting a “death” in their metal since strong elements of this style as fast drumming and break of tempos do appear… it’s not straight all the way, it has its intricacies. But when the hardcore-tempo takes over, man, this pure speed metal anarchy!

Over again they sway on the edge of oldschool Thrash and Death metal, sometimes resounding Autopsy and sometimes remembering Sodom mainly in the second track called Morbid Casket.

Defixio (the title-track, he) is death metal since the velocity increases tenfold and the neurotic vocals spew forth blasphemies onto one’s head.

The satanic spree continues into the last song Aghori, Ashes Of The Dead which seems a compendium of the whole demo.

True to themselves, they don’t obey an order, but their influences of old school extreme metal are latent in the four tracks that compound this tape. Collectors and die-hards won’t be disgruntled.

Defixio TAPE is out T.O.D.A.Y. on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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One Year Delay – Deep Breath – Pavement Entertainment

This band is really bad. Like in REALLY, ACTUALLY BAD!


If you don’t want to read this article, I’ll make a summary for you: This band is utterly commercial with the worst vocalist I’ve heard in ALL MY LIFE.

Okay now if you dare to go any further…

One Year Delay is a band that was formed in 2012, but just now is releasing their debut album, Deep Breath. It would be better if it was called BAD BREATH, anyway.

Greek as they are, they went to USA to record with Grammy Award producer Toby Wright. They really thought a producer should make an album. If it doesn’t ring any bells this is the same producer of Alice in Chains, Fear Factory, Metallica, Primus and others..

Okay, so they paid, the guy recorded and delivered the product. The problem is that the raw material was of bad quality, so the final product would be a disaster.

The band has musicality and an inclination for commercial… but they got the word commercial too seriously, and in order to persecute theirs “dreams” the damned lad on vocal duties started to moan like a prostitute.

They call themselves hard rock. I don’t remember Hard Rock being THAT bad in old times… Even shitty bands like Guns n Roses had more dignity than this.

Anyway, this is emo with grunge, mixed with metalcore, the worst of ALL WORLDS.

The track Miss You is truly irritating, and you say, dude, do I really have to hear this? Isn’t life bad enough?

But the subsequent track Try To Stay Alive is at least funny and made me laugh… yes, because the emotive guy decided he was REVOLTED: oh mommy I’m revolted and I will start to screaaaamo! This is so bad, I rolled on the floor.

This is the worst garbage I had to endure this year… I’m done… Off to hear some real ROCK N ROLL.

Deep Breath is out today (October 2nd) on Pavement Entertainment 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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