Tempestilence – Supreme Denial of God – Alcatéia

3rd World Underground


Tempestilence hails from Brazil but they are no new to the scenario…

They’d been fully active in the past decade and they kinda disappeared from stage… Now they are back with a renewed line-up and up-to-date  strident death metal with hints to thrash here and nods to black there… But in the essence their sound is old school death metal.

But that is not the “new wave of old school death metal” though; knowing their old works this kind of approach to their sound is inherent to their musical personality and it NEVER tends to be trendy.

The sound is simple; the “takes” are simple and the production, although simple as well is very heavy and dirty this time around. 9 years ago their sound was something more black metal oriented and the flaws were apparent in the demo Under the Ground. Now in Supreme Denial of God they do what every band that tries to keep their work with dignity should do: less is more.

Albeit the first track being an intro, the second song called Maligna delivers a supreme heavy sound, not modern by any means, it is honest and well done. I would like to highlight the drumming of Cleirton Ceará that is plain and decent. No frills, only an exercise in how to keep things heavy.

That is to say that the rhythmic session is hefty and concise.

Renaissance in Putrescence has something of Slayer’s Postmortem, but never getting the ultra velocity.

The exception is the short last song called Grinding Hearts (well they seem to have taken the terminology “grind” seriously) which is very noisy, and for me the best song of the opus…

All in all Supreme Denial of God is substantial to understand what is happening in the Brazilian underground music. Done with veracity, Tempestilence is back with a special charm… the one which is putrid to the core…

Supreme Denial of God is out now on Alcatéia

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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