Onirik- Casket Dream Veneration CD/LP – Iron Bonehead / Altare

When harsh Black Metal shows charm and elegance.


Onirik hails from Portugal and as always bears a tradition and the quality of the Black Metal from Lusitanian regions…

That being said, Casket Dream Veneration is their fourth full length and the quality here is simply great.

The album comprises 8 tracks clocking in at 45 minutes of pure quality music.

Everybody here knows that black metal bears no novelty to the formula, and neither Onirik wants to re-create the wheel. The case here is about to do something that is proposed in a best and most respectable way possible.

The band showcases quality in production and in how to manage their instruments, the sound is mid-tempo to snail paced despondency, the suffering that brings cathartic feelings of negative euphoria.

As in the track Invocation and Defiance for example: the riffs cut the eardrums, the atmosphere weights and the sky turns black.

Reverent to the Flames is another sample where the morbid beauty of darkness takes over the room and the suffering is mortification. Disgracefully stalking in the darkness, the classic black metal riffs never sounds like a re-heat of the old, bringing a new spirit to the shadiness surrounding us.

Skipping to the last track called Versos de Um Ritual (Verses from a Ritual) which sums up the entire work, one can notice the elegance in decadence:  sung in hermetic Portuguese accent, the harsh vocals sunk in the background producing a whispering effect are ace. The mid to final session of the song shows a syncopated drum work and a hard-to-get but correct metric with vocals and guitars intertwined in a beautiful confusion.

This album is first rate and seriously, I couldn’t expect anything different from the Portuguese Black Metal scene…

 Casket Dream Veneration CD/LP  is out N.O.W. on  Iron Bonehead / Altare 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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