Certo Porcos – Odio 666 – Greyhaze Records

Brazilian hardcore with metal accent.


The Brazilian band Certo Porcos is a band that has a member of HolocaustoRodrigo M. aka RODRIGO FÜHRER – and it resounds that act in some way or another.

As you may know, the über classic of Black/Death/Thrash metal Campo de Extermínio is just one face of Holocausto, as the band has been to Thrash, Technical Thrash, Experimental Noise and in their last release De Volta ao Front the band went through a hardcore, punk metal, approach of their sound.

Let’s say that Ódio 666 is a “continuation” of the latter. The band here attacks with Discharge/DRI riffs and simple, but brutal, even guttural sound approach never gets into grindcore, but never failing to approach itself to thrash metal.

The songs are short and in-the face. I would highlight Hate Never Ends with simplest but the most effective riff on the Earth.

Other track that is an earworm is F.O.D.A. with a great chorus.

The sequence of three tracks – Albergue 35, F.F.F.F.F. and You Gotta Fucked Till Die – is really memorable.

This is the simplest but very impressive release. Of course, the more you spin, the more you enjoy it. If I was you, I’d try and put my filthy paws on it. Fun all over.

Odio 666  is out now on Greyhaze Records 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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