THEM – Forever Burns [single] – Self-Release

Unknown but rad heavy metal band!


Straight to the point: this band is unknown, not much information is available, this is a single of the album Sweet Hollow, and the only song in it, destroys the whole world!

The sound is pure King Diamond.

Let’s plunge into the track that is called Forever Burns: the song starts with an attack on drums and riffs a la Andy La Roque, but differently to the sound of our master King, the sound is faster, going to a power metal. The vocalist, however, is a copy-and-paste of King Diamond which is not a bad thing. Although the resemblance, this sound is very original, the changing of the voices from falsetto to low pitched are constant and it leads to the great chorus. The scheme stanza/bridge/chorus is repeated exactly twice. The middle sessions has a “progressive” part, in which the drums while accompanying the vocals, increase in metric ending up in a syncopated drumwork. Then the strident heavy metal solo, pure thing, no frills, no false metal. The song ends with the chorus and that’s that.

A pure chef d’ouvre, I listened to this track some 20 times (really!) not just to understand the sound but just because it’s cool as fuck.

If you’re a fan of King Diamond, try to get more infos about this band, because their album is going to be out any time soon and if it follows what is presented in this track is going to be a great opus.

 Forever Burns [single]  is Self-Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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