Baron – Torpor – Svart Records

English lads trying to give something new.


Baron is not a well-known name to me, but their alleged sophomore album presents 8 distinctive songs, trying to bring the old with the post punk.

To start out the band is a kind of depressive band with strong nuances of various musical genres.

Starting with the song Dragonfly whose baritone voice is really not my thing, but, hell, I can see lots of qualities in composition, the sound kinda marks the pace of the whole album. I mean kind of, because the sound shall conspicuously change. This not metal, it’s rock. I won’t say pure and “simple” rock because there’s nothing simple here, the musicians use the basic to create different nuances and that is salutary.

But the second song called Mark Maker start to show ebbs and flows and the sound is too much artsy for little seventies approach they try to show. It’s a kind of modern approach of old brit rock from the 1980’s and the sound resounds Morrissey and for some times Depeche Mode. Of course they don’t rely in these “influences” but it’s far from saying that they are the last word in originality.

But yeah, not so terrible, until the track Stry shows up with its eight minutes of pure nonsensical music, no hooks, strange soundscapes, lost in rhythm: The nadir of the album.

But here goes the good news: the Zenith comes two tracks after with the song Deeper Align which is upbeat, intelligent, and summons up what the album should be. From the middle to fast tempo (thus rejecting the sad framework) to the most restrained in velocity but no less intelligent slow parts, this song is great.

Torpor is not a masterpiece of the rock this year. But, and this is a strong but, it will captivate the fans of the “post-punk” with psychedelic influences mainly with the European kids, and with some luck, they shall reach the US and Canadian shores. Its sound is segmented and it’s impossible to analyze a work without these special lenses. If you don’t repudiate the different, taste it out.

 Torpor  is out now on Svart Records 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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