Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering Tome 1 – self-released

The book of ultra brutal technical death metal.


Cryptosy is the best death metal band in the moment. Since their self-titled album three years ago, nobody should have said that they were going to beat their best offering to date. They just did it!

With The Book of Suffering (Tome 1) they accelerated the impossible to overdriving vortexes of insane velocity.

This is an EP with just 4 tracks, and as it is said that it is the tome 1 I believe this history will have another chapter soon…

Anyway, what is in the table here is the absurd technicality of a group that evolves with which release. The only thing that gives some guide to the listener is the lyrics, and even they are quite impossible to keep track, being for the velocity, being for the intricate metrics.

The drumming is of course, otherworldly. I simple don’t have any idea how they keep so much information in a matter of seconds and how they manage to orchestrate the whole thing.

Violent and brutal, this is not an imitation of another famous band. Normally technical death metal is a style where the bands keep similarity between them, but not with Cryptopsy: they go further, they defy the physics, they defy the speed of sound going by the speed of light. It’s incredible how any riff, any drum fills are full of rocket science information.

I listened to this opus exactly 25 times and let me say something: it would take six times this number for me to understand the whole opus! Is that bad? No, it’s that marvelous, the way the mind is kept alive by music. They are like a free jazz ensemble, but a free jazz from HELL: violent, no frills, no quarter, no stoppage, no shortage of energy, this is a release that is, for sure, alongside their 2012 album one of the best metal releases of the XXI century. Nuff said!

The Book of Suffering Tome 1 is out now and it’s SELF-RELEASED



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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