Torqverem -The misanthrope universe of Brazilian Black Metal Scene

11665561_993525524002042_215509967244596950_nSecond half of the decade of 2000’s. That’s when my relation with the entity Torqverem starts, maybe because there were no great amounts of Black Metal bands in the region where I live and soon the name of the band started to spread like a wild fire. Some people were very supportive while some imbeciles were talking shit about the band. The fact is that Torqverem never ceased its controversial existence, maybe because, beside the music itself, the true and black side always appears like a halo of negative light, never letting people indifferent to the obsidian art of Torqverem. This interview was made some time ago, and no drummer were billed yet, but now is confirmed that Alcoholic Death (aka Magno from Laconist) got the sticks. The other members are: F. Iser (bass, Evil’s Attack, Exterminatorium, Lalssu, Malediction 666, Morte Negra) and the mastermind behind the occult philosophy: V. A. Necrovisceral.

DSU – Hails warrior Flávio (aka Necrovisceral) we would like to know how Torqverem started and what is the meaning of the name for you.

1508506_888625367825392_1605779535278770056_nA. Necrovisceral – Hail Daniel, I’m thankful for the opportunity! Here I will be able to expose a little more about my obscure universe. The beginnings of Torqverem took place even before that I know what all was about! Between my perturbations and philosophies, this expression was
born and taking form and I put the year of 1998 e.v. in Araraquara (state of São Paulo, Brazil) as a starting point, when I set in motion the physical manifestations with riffs and texts that gave the base for, in the year of 2002 in Porto Alegre/RS, Torqverem to emerge from the very depths. Torqverem expresses its art like an entity in this plain… in the beginning it was something particular, exposing my perturbations and the growing hate that I created for the cancerous collective reality that the human beings provide as masturbation for their painful existence! So, it was natural, everything exploding through Torqverem, but as I’ve said, it was something intimate (we made only one presentation in 2005 e.v. in the Germanic Colony of Santa Cruz do Sul (RS) and every records up to this date are in my particular archive) I’ve never thought to turn Torqverem in a band or something like that. Torqverem ended up expanding itself to the audience only in 2006 e.v when I fixed residence in Sousas (SP) and I decided to expose the opvs that grew each time and I noticed people coming near and identifying with it. The album Vber Crvciatvs was recorded only to have a registration and to not forget the compositions, and years later it was released as a full length and it ended up well. The name “Torqverem” is a neologism from Latin of the verb torqvere (to torture), that I modified adding a gerund from Portuguese to give it a certain fluency and to transform the ancient word in “torturing”. Thus the name Torqverem was born.

DSU – With only two demos and a full length, Torqverem became one of the most important  Black Metal hordes from Brazil. How is the process of composition and practice?

A. Necrovisceral – I thank you for the recognition, we interpret as a true10501965_772938499404798_3901740327501417345_n war to expose the Torqverem’s creations to the audience, but I believe that the very fact that Torqverem to be a sincere band and out of the patterns helps to aggregate more strength in our art and philosophy. I struggle with myself to translate the language of the instruments and vocalizations of the abhorrent chasm that I feed inside myself. I believe that the art in the occult and extreme metal has no patterns, lots of of bands only want to make themselves noticed and to use the scene as an auto-assertion to their impotence and addictions, feeding their rotting egos… I do what it’s inside me, I don’t think! Torqverem’s sound isn’t rational. It simply flows, and the more putrid, chaotic and hateful, THE BETTER! Because I’m spreading my universe in order for other people to identify themselves as well because the destruction, fear, and chaos are natural feeling to the human being. That’s why I say that the sounds in Torqverem are individualist, and each one will absorb it according to one’s reality and interpretation of the universe, always through the cold blades of the internal abyss. (and that’s why many of our songs are subjective). I’ve already heard lots of people label our music as chaotic and disturbing, and that’s exactly what I want to transmit! It’s me who compose in Torqverem since the beginning, but nowadays I can leave some basslines in the hands of Iser who helps me a lot in this new phase (including psychological stability). The rehearsals are in my home where I keep a studio to make things easy and we go as far as possible.

DSU – You took a time of shows some months ago but now you are back on the track. What happened?

11193395_958174800870448_6582249874373207202_nA. Necrovisceral – Problems with the line-up (because) Torqverem is very intense and it’s not for anyone! We are not Torqverem ONLY in the shows or when we record in the studio! We are not a band, I see Torqverem as a sincere expression that manifests itself in the form of an energy entity of which we put over the instruments and the vocalizations, and the responsibility and the burden is humungous! If the tenuous equilibrium is broken it’s impossible and I live the band 24/7. I do demand that the things be in this way, otherwise it’s impossible to flow and to manifest our art.

DSU – what are the projects for the new shows?

A. Necrovisceral – We will reformulate ourselves and the focus will be exclusively on the next record, shows are in the backdrop, but they will be properly scheduled because I think we express ourselves very well live, and I like to expose “face-to-face” what we do in order to leave no doubts in our proposal, but the focus now is to register another album.

DSU – What have been the best and the worst show you’ve made?

11204889_958174990870429_2526359828892007628_nA. Necrovisceral – It’s complicated to talk about this, mainly being in the midst of underground, moreover our presentations are a hit and miss as for the structure as for ourselves. We’ve played in places where the stage swayed and had pitfalls, or the sound system was garbage, but the energy of the audience was worth this inconveniences; the channeled hate generated a manifestation so dense that the adversities gave more force for the presentation and Torqverem is that. Many times during the presentation I see the audience cold and static but this is our philosophy! To generate the internal destruction and to feed the chasms in all their nature (mentally, physically and psychically) is the channelization of the pure energy being it as it may in order to complete our aim, so look into the eyes of the people and to see the profound and cold emptiness compensates any adversity. There were presentations where we used BLOOD and the strings of my guitar glued together and the sound was mudded, but the desperation and the chaos was worth, in a way that the audience got our purpose… we didn’t play beautifully… we are the propellers to manifest the abyss and its role to be executed.

DSU – Talk about your plans because the fans in North America and old Europe would like to know where an invasion is going to take place overseas in order for these people finally feel the fury of BLACK METAL.

10409690_823467431018571_7361037298192359021_nA. Necrovisceral – Our material was well accepted mainly by the Europeans, I saw our album being sold in the Eastern Europe for a high price and with great comments, and even the demo that I distributed with zero expense here in Brazil was being sold there and it was sold out rapidly. The curious factor is that my aim was never that, here in Brazil there is a lot of difficulty in the distribution and the valorization of the material: Let me put this straight: I think it’s a mess this line of thought that the band is best because they’ve played outside the country or if they’ve released their material in a hellhole, we’ve already played outside the country but WE HAVE BEEN INVITED! I am never going sell out to play in any place if we are not going to be invited and have out art recognized! I believe there is a slow “stairway” to ride in order to the reward to come and I will not force myself into it. I’m very hermetic in relation to contacts and in the distribution of my albums, I still pass them directly, and little by little the things are happening. I’m opened, though, to negotiations and invitation, my aim is to reach the people that are akin to the art that I produce in a candid manner and it would be a great HONOR to present our philosophy wherever it happens but when there is a structure for this because I’ll never play in Norway for example just for the sake of saying that we’ve already played there. Here in Brazil I already have this attitude, we play ONLY where we are invited and where is worth for our strengthening, never playing by the sake of it. An invitation to play in another country would be the recognition of my work and something natural that may happen, in other words, a great honor and satisfaction that may happen when the time is ripe and in the right manner.

DSU – How do you see the Brazilian and Worldwide scene of Black Metal nowadays? Which bands would you cite?

10987508_958174967537098_808788606406033383_nA. Necrovisceral – The Brazilian scene is very strong in bands and creativity, we have a very precious warehouse that is envied abroad, however it lacks structure! This is a reflex of the proper culture and stability of the country. I believe there are “islands” that still can sustain themselves inside the Black Metal scene (and here in Brazil we’ve kept the purest essence of Black Metal, of resistance and opposition! Other countries already developed a critical sense and absorbed this philosophy in their day-to-day life, make this stance popular, but here we are literally the RESISTANCE). I try to gather what is in my scope to strength Torqverem and my allies, making a support-and-contact net with who believes and lives this (black metal) reality in all regions of Brazil. Concerning the worldwide scene I have almost nothing to say because I don’t pay attention and I don’t have contacts to have an opinion, but as I said before, I feel like the things flow better there because of the proper culture and structure that they have. I can cite the bands that are my allied and that I put my confidence in such as Mausoleum, Hecate, Defacer, Infernal Inquisition, Wodanaz, Poeticus Severus, Morte Negra , Kaziklu Bey/Herege, Lord Satanael, Vultos Vociferos, Patria, Crucificator, Black Achemoth, Vulturine, Spell Forest, Bestymator\CRUE, Pactum\Primordial Idol, Ophiolatry, Iron Woods and Black War… there are several others, but these were those I remembered now, some are defunct, but I keep contact with its members that are still active.

DSU – Is there some new recording in plans of Torqverem? What’s the current line up?

10406604_918471488184831_1555744627703533392_nA. NecrovisceralTorqverem has an acute problem about carrying out an
album. Perhaps it is the heritage about the lack of publicizing of our art, but also by the difficulties in a stern line up. Little by little we are correcting this pit. I remember that our first album Vber Crvciatvs was a compilation of what I composed between 1998 and 2007 and released only in 2011! I have more than seven completed compositions waiting their manifestation in the form of a new album expected any time soon… I intend from this phase on, to give continuity with the recording and not let a lot of material get lost through time. The current formation it’s me and Iser in the bass (NOTE OF EDITOR: this part of interview was cut off as a new drummer had already been selected by the time of this translation, look at the preface of this interview)

DSU – If you were to choose between some bands to record a glorious split, what the format would it be and what would be the Brazilian or International horde?

A. Necrovisceral – I have plans to record a material in vinyl, we haven’t taken part in any split (except compilations) because there haven’t been feasible opportunities, but soon this idea is going to take place and the answer will be available as soon as the material will be available. For now these are just plans.

11188344_958174950870433_5515124908784899930_nDSU –  What the future will hold to the horde and to the legions of followers?

A. Necrovisceral
– The horde has grown up throughout the years, our sound and our philosophy improved, we heightened our influence and our alliances, but we’ve also been through problems of line-up that ended up delaying and destabilizing some of our plans (at the same time they hardened and prepared us for an even greater war), my aim always was in the manifestation and explosion of the extreme occult art and NOTHING WILL STAY IN MY PATH! Today I can say that Torqverem is alive and ready to fight! We have created an entity with energy channeled by an ideal and the transformations are beginning with the release of new songs (exclusively after 2008) and we will put in course the most aggressive phase of the band. And so will be celebrated the great funeral of creation: VANA EST IRA INOPS VIRIBVS.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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