Abbath – Abbath – Season of Mist

The kvlt is back in another form.


After the shocking news that Abbath left Immortal (the first Black Metal I’d ever heard in 1990’s) I was waiting for this album and boy the waiting was worthy.

I mean, I refused to hear even the singles, my thing was the entire album.

The result is not so different from Immortal, of course, new musicians, new algorithm, but I daresay Abbath went to heavier side of the force just as Belphegor or Dimmu Borgir.. wait, he didn’t became symphonic he became heavier.

This large than life album has beefy riffs just like in the song Ashes of the Damned which is explosive and vocals are sunk in the background, but overall this is very well produced and the final result is superior firepower. Judging for the first three tracks the riffs and tempos vary in a way Immortal never did. This is the differential here.

Ocean of Wound is really bulky, but man, Count the Dead Is INSANE. But you may have heard this one before.

Fenrir Hurts has a fast drumming old-school black metal way, in an abundant heaviness that pervades the wholly opus!

Okay, I knew I wouldn’t get disappointed by hearing this album, but man, it surpassed my expectative. Mental, mean, cold-blooded you name it. It’s love at first sight. Long live Abbath Doom Occulta!

Abbath will be released on Junary 22nd on Seasons of Mist


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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