Hostium – The Bloodwine of Satan CD/LP – Iron Bonehead

Another gem of ultra conservative black metal


Hostium comes from the shores of Ross Bay Cult and has in its ranks members and ex-member of Gloria Diaboli and Nordwind. So expect INTOLERANCE at highest level.

The music is mega traditional black metal without variation between songs. Of course, the phrases change, the tempos don’t.

To hear it is as if the time froze in an obscure forest from the north and the sensation to be lost inside a cabin in the middle of nowhere is difficult to expel.

All songs have that Darkthrone mixed with Judas Iscariot, mixed with Kult Ofenzivy, mixed with Maniac Butcher… there is no quarter and no compromise in the production, riffs and phantasmagoric vocalizations, all is built to be solid as iron, they take no chances in trying to pursuit new “goals” for their intransigent musical approach.

 This generates one little flaw: there is absolute no highlights, but who needs them when one has the genuine material?

This is not for beginners, not for depressive divas and not for shoegaze pseudo-suicidal goths. No, this is the truest for the truest, the nihilism for the sake of it. None truer. Fuck off.

The Bloodwine of Satan is out NOW on Iron Bonehead.



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Suppressive Fire – Bedlam – Self-Release

American Thrash to slash!


These newcomers of Suppressive Fire hail from North Carolina with a nuclear weapon in their repertoire.

This is American thrash with some European black, a lethal blend.

Bedlam is a full length that was made to play on ten, no matter where you are… this album was made to melt eardrums with hate.

For example, the opener called Ceasefire should be called Open Fire or Fire at Will. The warlike winds of destruction comes as a fallout after the radioactive fire as in the subsequent track The Hellwraith, this one being very “traditional” despite the wall of noise and pestilential solos burning the speakers with scorn and revulsion.

They play with appetite for thrash and boy they are fucking ace as in the track Coup d’etat, I just imagine the soldiers invading the place of government and kicking the ass of the president and declaring siege and a curfew and those who disrespect will be met with untold violence and executions. Fast drums, black metal vocals, hissing guitars, fast soloing…

Nazi face Melter is a hurricane of brutally destructive proportions, a song that can be deemed a little bit “askew” it seems to not follow any rules, but it rules! Noisy and rough it will get you by the balls.

Crucify the Kings goes from thrash to black in a crescendo of insanity, fastness and one can just imagine these guys playing in a huge festival and the mosh pit of destruction opening up the gates of hell.

Bedlam is an excellent debut album, a rare thing nowadays, but as Suppressive Fire has proved, it is not impossible.

Bedlam is out now and it’s Self released


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Metallica live show through internet – WATCH HERE

Metallica will play at AT &T in San Francisco and those who doesn’t have the opportunity to be there can watch the show from anywhere in the world – ALIVE!

You can watch it alive here though, call your friends and have fun. The spectacle is schedule to run at 8:30 (PT – Pacific Time Saturday, 6th) and 4:30 (GMT, Sunday, 7th). For your area the player will inform the correct time and countdown. If you still have any doubts about the correct time the show will run in your region, consult The World Clock


Stay tuned!


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Affliction Gate – Dying Alone – Transcending Obscurity

French old school EP


The France is experiencing a wave of technical and modern death metal bands. Some of them I find good, some of them, bad, but nobody is indifferent to this phenomenon. But Affliction Gate came to break this circle with old school in the veins and no bullshit modern metal for their audience.

This Ep has four tracks, all made in that mid-tempo muddy sound of the days of old, yet it’s not original. I know that they are hell of musicians, that’s for sure.

But even though originality escapes them, they resound one of my fave bands from the days of yore: Benediction. With a voice of Barney Greenway you can add Napalm Death to the formulae.

There are lots of good solos, the problem is when Herastratos decides to sing over them… I’m in favor of vocal then solo then vocal approach. I’m old school as well.

But 4 tracks is not suffice to rate the level of brutality of this EP so the highlight is the track Manicheism Inertia which is, let’s say, very animated… Dirty riffs, unbridled vocals, a touch of grindcore here, this is what death metal, the pure, really is.

This is not the most impressive work of the last years, but hell, their intentions are good and you know what hell is paved for…

Dying Alone  is out now on Transcending Obscurity

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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