Affliction Gate – Dying Alone – Transcending Obscurity

French old school EP


The France is experiencing a wave of technical and modern death metal bands. Some of them I find good, some of them, bad, but nobody is indifferent to this phenomenon. But Affliction Gate came to break this circle with old school in the veins and no bullshit modern metal for their audience.

This Ep has four tracks, all made in that mid-tempo muddy sound of the days of old, yet it’s not original. I know that they are hell of musicians, that’s for sure.

But even though originality escapes them, they resound one of my fave bands from the days of yore: Benediction. With a voice of Barney Greenway you can add Napalm Death to the formulae.

There are lots of good solos, the problem is when Herastratos decides to sing over them… I’m in favor of vocal then solo then vocal approach. I’m old school as well.

But 4 tracks is not suffice to rate the level of brutality of this EP so the highlight is the track Manicheism Inertia which is, let’s say, very animated… Dirty riffs, unbridled vocals, a touch of grindcore here, this is what death metal, the pure, really is.

This is not the most impressive work of the last years, but hell, their intentions are good and you know what hell is paved for…

Dying Alone  is out now on Transcending Obscurity

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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