Hostium – The Bloodwine of Satan CD/LP – Iron Bonehead

Another gem of ultra conservative black metal


Hostium comes from the shores of Ross Bay Cult and has in its ranks members and ex-member of Gloria Diaboli and Nordwind. So expect INTOLERANCE at highest level.

The music is mega traditional black metal without variation between songs. Of course, the phrases change, the tempos don’t.

To hear it is as if the time froze in an obscure forest from the north and the sensation to be lost inside a cabin in the middle of nowhere is difficult to expel.

All songs have that Darkthrone mixed with Judas Iscariot, mixed with Kult Ofenzivy, mixed with Maniac Butcher… there is no quarter and no compromise in the production, riffs and phantasmagoric vocalizations, all is built to be solid as iron, they take no chances in trying to pursuit new “goals” for their intransigent musical approach.

 This generates one little flaw: there is absolute no highlights, but who needs them when one has the genuine material?

This is not for beginners, not for depressive divas and not for shoegaze pseudo-suicidal goths. No, this is the truest for the truest, the nihilism for the sake of it. None truer. Fuck off.

The Bloodwine of Satan is out NOW on Iron Bonehead.



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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