Slægt – Beautiful and Damned 12″ MLP – Iron Bonehead

The Danes have a super blackened Heavy Metal band.


Slægt is not retro. Slægt is not bong-trippy. Slægt is not doom-laden. Slægt is the real deal, old heavy metal on a new infra-structure, with loads of coven-like sounds.

Beautiful and Damned has only four songs that I’ve heard to exhaustion and it paid off.

Move in Chaos is a mix of Bathory, Venom and Motörhead, but of course never aping them, maybe it is just my ears trying to make a comparison… The fact is that the black metal vocals is there, the sound is midi-tempo, but extremely heavy, not exactly singalong, not exactly catchy, but extremely metal to the bone. With almost 7 minutes the sound has a plenty of information, after the beginning with vocalist spewing his words, the solo comes as pure heavy metal, delicious, malicious, with a syncopated drum in the backdrop, the riffs are truly dramatic, nothing extremely technical (only the axeman has the key to this power), but judging by the ability to transform a song that has no changes of tempo and metrics, (they only appeal to a progression of phrases) one can infer they have a plenty of imagination, and putting things together has total sense and that gives the music a concise unit and an immensely pleasant sound.

Alshincheri changes nothing in the formulae: maybe the tempo is exactly the same but this time around, things get stickier with the rifferama that serves as song’s theme, and albeit the vocals are still no singalong, the riffs are.  Notwithstanding the variations occur with high-pitched solos, conspicuously traditional, the drumming sounds heavier than before everything comes to the front this time.

Church of the Night, how beautiful this song is… and I’m not being ironical or whatever, it’s indeed a delicate song, non-metal and the reference here should be Death’s Voice of the Soul, but over again, it’s not an imitation, the song is simpler but it is exquisite and it serves as a counterpoint to the metal presented here.

Beautiful and Damned, the title-track, has a long, theatrical and inspiring opener, and although the main time may repeat in subsequent parts, the blueprint of the CD is there all through the song.

This release got me completely by surprise, it’s really sensational to hear and it’s a name that entered in my book of treasured bands. I said it before in another opportunity and I really hate to repeat myself, but if you don’t like this one, you are not metal… Go away!

Beautiful and Damned 12″ MLP  is out now on Iron Bonehead


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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