RAGNAROK – Psychopathology – Agonia Records

Traditional Black Metal never dies.


One of the cults of Norway that never betrays is Ragnarok. In this inspiring album, things are not different, yet, it’s inspiring although they are resilient in their kind of metal they choose.

Of course the times now are different and the production follows the rules, but besides that, it’s classic from the first to the last track!

Of course, it’s kind of impossible to hear this new album and don’t compare it with other (famous) bands of the style, like Tsjuder, Taake or Dark Funeral. However, they are the original thing so never take Ragnarok sound for granted.

Dominance & Submission opens up the album and it’s a shocking wave of satanic metal that explodes, so everytime one hears it, the eardrums will get upset by the violent storm from the north.

I Hate follows suit but it’s in the title-track Psychopathology that their blueprint is more apparent: the riffs are pure earworm without sell out, the velocity is absurd, the blasphemies are brutally disgusting.

And the drumming and violent riffs with a scent of complexity continue in the title Infernal Majesty that is a serious candidate to be another classic of the style. Perfect balance between sound and production, inventiveness of composition, this song is a truly violent compilation of Norwegian Black Metal itself.

There’s no way to cite every song, because this album is a moto perpetuo of ferocity, but, for instance, the song The Eight of the Seven Plagues detaches itself (even though slightly) from the others by its expressive way, yet the storm remains the very same.

Where Dreams Go to Die, the closer, presents us with some kind of melodic (AHEEEM) riffage, agonizing vocals, the classic take on drums but it’s clearly made to be the last nail in the coffin. Impressive!

Psychopathology is tradition, and tradition doesn’t need to be exactly cheesy what means that the violence cannot be pulverized by a decent production. The balance is a gift from the forces of the occult themselves. I still believe in Norsk Black Metal. Standing ovation for Psychopathology .

Psychopathology is going to be release on March 25th on Agonia Records 


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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