Seer – Vol. 1 & 2 – Art of Propaganda

Compilation of recent EP’s of this doom band from Canada.


Seer is a new band from Canada that practices Doom/Sludge. They’d released the Vol 1 in 2015 and Vol 2 this year and this is the comp of the 2 releases.

As the name of the release and the style adopted this one has a clear influence of Black Sabbath in their sound.

The first track Glimmervoid is a rocker that, if not magnificent, it shows a decent muddy sound and the composition is very strong, although not exactly highly technical with the strong vocals of Bronson Lee Norton.

Hive Mind is snail-paced, brutally organic in their context bringing a blending of clean vocals (although they are a little in the background) and guttural voices and ultra heavy sound. They rely strongly in heavy guitar work to find their niche and they are successful in their duty.

Cosmic Ghost changes their modus operandi, not surprisingly, because this type of band tends to make this: heavy tracks and then calmer songs. But what’s impressing in this one is that the tune is even radder than the two first tracks, it’s a comic trip (sorry for the pun), one these songs that the listener is capable to listen to on the repeat around the clock. Pure feeling and strangeness that is sung and played with sentiment and the best part of it is that it isn’t kitsch. It’s solid and shiny.

Unfortunately Haunter is not so great, honestly it acts like a long filler clocking in at almost nine minutes.

In turn, Antibody emulates Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath even if it’s only in the initial riff, but the song has its proper identity, trippy but short, it delivers a good result. There is a “seventies” solo that pays off and the drumming in this one is more diversified and why not saying “free-style”.

The strangest track is Aeon which is a five minute drone with some pulses in between.

Seer as newcomers is not a bad band, on the contrary, the album has ebbs and flows, and the final outcome is highly positive. For your trippy nights of spring.

Vol. 1 & 2  is out now on Art of Propaganda.


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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