Chthonic Cult – I Am the Scourge of Eternity – Iron Bonehead

Obscure and intolerant cult from Poland and Germany


Chthonic Cult is an unknown name formed by D.S.P. and Hyperborean (Njord from Winds of Hyperborea, ex-Flame of War).

Judging from the bands cited, intransigence is paramount. No compromise or diplomatic conversations here dude.

The sound is extremely heavy and muddy and the songs are notably long.

Only four tracks clocking in almost 50 minutes.

As the Void Beckons shows a blend of death and black overly raw, but intense and although the phrases are long, they change accordingly. The sound of guitar is brutally heavy and hissing at the same time, the vocals are dubious between harsh and guttural, or something in between.

The Abyss Triumphant throws one back to the abyss of old school extreme metal, a gift from the gods of old, harrowing and browbeating sound with hints to hardcore or old Autopsy if you will, with lots of bedeviling metal! Only for the old and cold.

Asunder! imparts some Morbid Angel riffs, more black than death, the first phrase is pure iteration but soon the godawful blusters take up the soundscape and the bane is complete.

Last song which conveys the album title is the most cantankerous of the album: insistent lashings on the drum set, a wave of toxic riffs, and bellows from the guts of hell.

Arrgghh, this is only indicated for the most die hard headbangers over there. If you’re used to “normal” metal you’ll die while listening to Chthonic Cult. Beware!

I Am the Scourge of Eternity is out now on Iron Bonehead 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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