Germanic Thrash titans Assassin reveal new track

Back From the dead


Germanic Thrashers of Assassin reveals new track of the album Combat Cathedral with the new vocalist Ingo ´Crowzak` Bajonczakauch replacing long time singer Robert Gonnella. The band set the release of the new album for May 20. They promise a better sound than in Breaking the Silence. The album artwork was made by Brazilian Marcelo Vasco who made the last art of Slayer’s Repentless. 

Listen to the track here:


The track list is as it follows:

Track List:

01.    Back From The Dead
02.    Frozen Before Impact
03.    Undying Mortality
04.    Servant Of Fear
05.    Slave Of Time
06.    Whoremonger
07.    Cross The Line
08.    What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger
09.    Ambush
10.    Word
11.    Sanity From The Insane
12.    Red Alert

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Boudain – Way of the Hoof – Self-Release

Muddy doom


Doom metal is a style that is sometimes dangerous to be played. There are so many bands in the planet and who needs another “bong” sound:

That’s what Boudain presents here: a pseudo-Sabbath-esque sound for potheads, although I doubt potheads won’t have a bad trip after hearing this.

The noisy sound is irritating the sound is unoriginal; I don’t know why somebody would make another band that plays the same “retro” sound over and over again.

They are no great musicians either. The muddy sound puts the simplest riffs and flat riffs in the background. There is a 70’s “solo”, as a second guitar (in the second track called Neptune), but it’s just a spasm reproduced in looping. The solos are just noise, there’s no use to talk about them.

This kind of sound persists throughout the CD and sometimes some bands make us lose sometimes listening to the nothing they have to present.

I don’t appreciate Boudain. Boring as fuck. Don’t lose your time.

Way of the Hoof  is out today and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Helmut from Austrian Black Metal Belphegor attacked in Russia.

Helmut was spat on by an allegedly an Orthodox fanatic at a Russian airport.

Helmut, the vocalist of the Austrian Black death metal band Belphegor was attacked and spat on at the Russian airport Pulkovo in St. Petersburg as the band arrived for two shows in Russia.

The name of the attacker as it’s circulating in media is Vitali Milonova Anatoly Artyukhov. According to some resources Mr. Artyukhov was “provoked” by Helmut which seems improbable. the fact is that Russia is no safe place for extreme bands. The ones who lose are always the Russian fans, and I’m sure that bands love Russia and it would be really sweet if fanatics stop attacking extreme metal bands in the country. See the images that are circulating. I hope that Belphegor has a really good time with Russian fans despite this sad incident. The band is going to play with Nile. The show in St. Petersburg was yesterday. According to their official page on Facebook they have more three shows in the country. 



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Negative Voice – Cold, Redrafted – Hypnotic Dirge Records

Opeth-esque Operation Mindcrime.


Negative Voice is a band from Moscow that shows a sound like a Russian Opeth: the songs are long, it follows one metric, and it relies heavily on the changes of phrases like a thousand sounds gathered together.

The track Limitation shows this kind of approach and it’s clearly a carbon copy of the Swedish act.

Even the timbres of the guitars are Opeth-esque as shown in the track City Of Decaying Gaze with clean vocals and harsh vocals in the sequence. The serpentine drumming doesn’t obey a change of tempo, a very peculiar Opeth quality. The production is crystal clear and the bass lines are very well played.

Let’s get another track as an example: Karmic Pattern which shows no difference between the other tracks, beside a variation of tempo, in this case it’s slower than the other songs over again in the vain of Swedish music. The introduction is colossal, the sound is melancholic, there is a screaming heavy metal guitar and there goes the guttural vocals.

In fact, Negative Voice is an excellent band with only one serious flaw: lack of creativity. They should get their own act, but until there one can listen to Cold, Redrafted calm, cool, and collected. At least is secure and there’s no bad surprises in it.

Cold, Redrafted is out now on Hypnotic Dirge Records. Visit the site there is a link to download the album for free (via bandcamp) or to buy a physical copy of it if you want to help the band.


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Mayfair – My Ghosts Inside – Pure Prog Records

The crossover progressive music from Austria.


Austrian Mayfair presents their new album My Ghosts Inside, which is not really a progressive album in its entire splendor.

The sound is a kind of crossover between heavy metal and alternative rock. The vocals sound very mellifluous at the track Loss, very, very sentimental, but with a very subtle change of direction the song My Ghosts Inside shows a robust sound that no rocker who likes a heavy sound will despise. Indeed that’s the charm of Mayfair which is shown in the subsequent track Desert when the ears start to get accustomed with the modus operandi of the band, that sometimes sound bland, sometimes not.  All I know is: this track is really good and one can expect guttural vocals!

But somewhat they don’t sound like a copy of Opeth or a mere copy of Kamelot. I mean I simply can’t put aside this album just because it’s original as hell.

Sometimes the vocals are balmy but the matter here is that they are uneven, but just when one’s about to desist then the timbre of Mario “le Fate” Prünster shows a strong influence of Geddy Lee which is suffice to love it instead of condemn it. The song Blinded By Your Light is a prime example of that.

Ghostrider is a robust rocker that if it’s not heavy as hell it succeed in not going to pop. It’s climatic, the metric changes smoothly and there’s a correct semi-acoustic guitar that closes the song.

There’s even a song is German called Schrei Es Raus.

My Ghosts Inside is not an album which will be appreciated by anyone. It’s a good album but it takes time to like, even to love it, and it can become a favorite album to think and relax. It’s honest, well done, it doesn’t pretend to be superior, it’s done and played with honesty and it’s committed only to itself and the music.

My Ghosts Inside will be released tomorrow on April 15 on Pure Prog Records.



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Krisiun announces shows in Europe with Cannibal Corpse and Hideous Divinity

Brazilian death metallers Krisiun announce an European tour with the legends of American Death Metal Cannibal Corpse and the Brutal Technical band from Norway Hideous Divinity. They will play gigs in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. For further details, dates and places, check out the flyer below:


For more details check out the page of Krisiun on Facebook and their site

Attention: there are more dates but only with Cannibal Corpse on the bill.


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Palace of Worms – The Ladder – Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Is USBM alive?


Palace of Worms is a typical USBM band: non-linear riffs, yet it shows harsh vocals that are inherent to black metal. But alien elements (must I call them experimental, I don’t think so) enter in the music here and there.

Some say the band is “depressive” black metal, yet it has upbeat elements to prove otherwise.

Palace of Worms is a strange but a good band that deviated from the norm, tries to catch up in the black metal bandwagon, but after some years of American Black Metal trying to invert the senses of what people should perceive as BM, the fans know better.

The fact here is POW is a black metal band in the essence. But external elements that go to and fro are so many, that they became orphans in the labeling land.

The band has its moments in tracks like Nightworld and the excellent An Innate Sickness.

Creative with few black metal pieces to explore, POW do what it has to do and get things done with sinister riffs, somber passages, but not as sad as it was intended to be. Authentic or not (and I think it is) The Ladder is a good album, complex in its simplicity (no I’m not trying to use oxymoron just for the sake of it). But strange as it may sound, Palace of Worms sounds a little bit out of the black metal clique. Is USBM alive?

The Ladder is out now on Sentient Ruin Laboratories


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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