Naðra – Allir Vegir Til Glötunar – Signal Rex, Vanagandr Distro, Fallen Empire

Icelandic pure blood Nordic Black Metal and nothing else…


The tradition never dies, this is gelid black metal in the vein of old Setherial, old Emperor, old everything.

The songs are utterly infernal in the old black metal tradition.

First two tracks Fjallið and Sál show a kind of melodic black metal, but don’t take it for granted, because there are just some hints of it, all in all they fall into chasm of desperation with frantic vocals, ultra fast drumming, rapid riffs, old and cold all the way.

Falið has the typical ride cymbals dominating the whole first part of the music, while some syncopated drums takes up the second phrase of the tune just to return to darkness and misery that gives goosebumps and then a snail paced part with bellows from the occult gloom. The song varies because this is practically the middle of the opvs that clocks in at 14 minutes of putrid miasmal agony. Of course the snail paced part doesn’t endure and the title goes back to fast and inflexible black metal onslaught.

Sár denotes that this is an excellent chef d’ouevre, not just for the song itself, but the whole when one perceives that the total modus operandi of the album opens up before you. Ride cymbals in an old way, very organic, pure blood black metal, heck, what a song! All out adamant black metal. Fuck dude, this is absolutely beautiful.

To close the disc another gem, of epic old Nordic metal there’s a track called Fallið which is fast and stringent, there’s an ambient part in the middle session then the song returns to rapid parts and there is a solo to wrap up the album.

This is an infernal album that won’t take the fans of the style down. This is pure, this is geographically correct band (if you know what I mean), infernal and all the brouhaha. If I was you I would listen to this epic band like NOW!

Allir Vegir Til Glötunar is out now on Signal Rex, Vanagandr Distro, Fallen Empire


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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