Titaan – Kadingir – ATMF

The band that hails from nowhere.


Obscure band Titaan with the obscure member Lalartu debuts with this obscure album Kadingir. Everything in this album is occult but basically it’s a mixture of dark ambient and black metal distributed through the album.

Apsu opens with a dark ambient, just to open the path to Nis Ilim Zakaru a raw black metal that is straight and no surprises one can find. But it’s not bad by any means.

Abur shows a ambient track with repetitive riffs, while Titaan puts the band back on the track of horrendous black metal machine. Some keyboards permeate the track and the drums are electronic.

Itima sounds like a Pazuzu of sorts with unintelligible spoken words while Sabitu goes deep into the dark ambient again.

Sebet Babi is raw and moody and fast and chasmal. It contains a melodic canticle that serves as a chorus amidst the whole chaotic music, but as the chorus is being sung again the music stops abruptly.

Magururnuabzu enters in the realm of bands such as Herbst9, Inade and Vestigial.

Kingu goes to eastern side of music.

Well the rest of the album follows exactly the same modus operandi and it totals up 16 tracks so it’s really useless to talk about each and every track.

The conclusion here is that this is a demented project for sure although I think it’s kinda childish to maintain one’s identity occult (the promo photos looks like Sun Ra) because in this internet era sooner or later people will lose interest.

Although this adds nothing to music, the music is good and it must be heard by true heads elsewhere.

Kadingir  is out now on ATMF


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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