TORTURE RACK (US) – Barbaric Persecution – Memento Mori Label

Primitive sounds from America.


Hailing from Oregon, members of Cemetery Lust, Blood Freak and Witch Vomit gather together to show this blasphemy upon the human race called Torture Rack.

The sound is utterly primitive and (ahem) upbeat, it’s like a non-doom Autopsy, fast but not so fast as the brutal technical bands.

The drumming is very old school, but besides the aforementioned influence the band is very original (and thanks Satan) they do not resemble Entombed. Ha!

Songs like Apocalyptic Wrath Of The Undead and Chamber Of Morbidity show all the hateful content in form of atonal riffs, primeval vocals and venomous drumming. Desperation, death and violence are what you hear.

In the tune Entrail Intruder, the highlights are the vocals, of course the baleful solos can destruct anyone’s eardrums, and damn this album so far is so good.

Another gem is Sentenced To Gang Rape: the first part is so brutal and riffs are acid, the vocals extremely guttural, the bass lines guide the rhythm session, the brutality runs rampant.

Barbaric Persecution is a complete album for those who seek primitiveness. No weak sounds, just brutal energy allied with vomits and terror.

Barbaric Persecution is out now on Memento Mori Label


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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