Destruction appeals to Russian fans over stolen material

Today, Destruction posted on their Facebook page that their material (banners in this case) have been stolen. Hoping on the capacity for the thief to brag about the stuff, people can denounce the rip off and hopefully get their possessions back.

Reads the appeal:

“Our stagebanners got stolen, we need some help from our Russian fans:

Some scumback stole both of our sidedrops/scrim-flags from the stage after the show in VORONEZH last night (2x2m with the Skull/Pentagram motive, see pictures).

Pretty sure the asshole will brag to his friends about it – report this bloody thief to us and we will give you a lifelong free entrance plus meet and greet with the band, at any DESTRUCTION show worldwide, if we get the banners back!!!

Please report here:

This scum need to be caught – UNTED WE STAND!!! Please share if you have friends in Russia! CHEERS!”

So if you’re a Russian fan and was in this gig last night and know the mugger, report! Don’t mess about with DESTRUCTION



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

Please, follow Dark Souls United on Twitter:
Also you can communicate with us directly through Facebook:


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