UNBORN SUFFER – Nihilist – Selfmadegod Records

Noise veterans from Poland.


The veterans of Unborn Suffer present their new opus of grindcore/brutal death metal called Nihilist.

With short tracks they live to their mission: don’t expect anything similar to some sterile grindcore bands or an imitation of Pig Destroyer and Misery Index.

The short approach makes for “grind” and the atonal old school riffage makes for death metal while the deafening sound and blast beats make for “brutal”.

Songs like Life is a Lie, Open Defiance, Tyler Durden and Obscurity are good samples with their vortex of hard bass lines, guttural vocals with some pig squeals, and some groove (AHEEEM) parts on the way: all the way.

Then from now on it seems that the sound gets more and more savage culminating in the mega disgraceful track 08.09.1968 which is deliciously disgraceful. Next track, Vain In Cage starts with brutal blast beats from inferno and the song is a binge of fast metal!

My fave track for sure is Destroy What Destroys Us which clocks in at only 49 seconds.

Closer Nervous Breakdown Of The System is a bit different from the rest of the disc, it’s more “midtempo” (in comparison to the other tracks) but it is an excellent closer.

Nihilist has a total of 17 tracks. It’s a short CD. The attacks are urgent, the band is on a mission to destroy eardrums, and if you want an album to dig on a short space of time, this must be your weapon of choice.

Nihilist is out now on Selfmadegod Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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