MUSSORGSKI – Creatio Cosmicam Beastie – Godz Ov War Productions / Third Eye Temple

Something between strange and septic.


To be honest this is the first time that I heard of Mussorgski. This band, it seems, it’s old, but “they” returned with a brand new album.

The sound is very trippy, but somewhat it fails to get into imagination.

The first track Gaaya – The Planet Of The Dead resounds Sarke and that’s that, the sound is plain simple, repetitive, and soulless. It’s not exactly bad; it’s not exactly good either.

The second track is even stranger but it marries well with the proposal. Sterile like an inhabited planted, the band plays with experimental black metal in the first half of the song, and somewhat a “normal” inclination gets into the second part.

Stellar Core is something like Burzum and old Mortiis, a dark ambient, dungeon synth that is not bad. I dig this kind of sound. Really. Calm, spatial, oblique.

Sabbathum In Perpetuum goes into something like a soundtrack, just to change the atmosphere of the album completely to a brutal, industrial, fast Black Metal in the vein of old Aborym and Mysticum. Why Khorzon (Arkona (Poland)/ Pandemonium – the man behind everything except the vocals) did this is anyone’s guess. But everything changes. There is a long “soundtrack” part again, and to finish the track, another black metal attack.

Key to the Universe is another number that relies on repetitiveness, of course there are changes of phrases here and there, but although it’s clearly “industrial” the black metal riffs are inside the average of the torrent of the black metal bands.

Inverted Aeon is more interesting with its pure atmospheric passages, pure dark ambient.

Implanted Consciousness is more experimental, totally non-black metal, one can call it “black rock” if he will, but is clearly a merrier track.

Paradisum closes the album in a robotic way. Experimental riffs and dramatic keyboards like a rocker soundtrack for some futuristic movie.

This album is not bad. It’s strange. Sometimes it’s confusing not because it’s intricate, but because, there’s no clear purpose in it. I’m totally into experimental approach to music. Although some people call me a purist, I’m open-minded sometimes. But this album shows that Khorzon was bored and decided to record something… anything. Here is the result: something between strange and septic.

Creatio Cosmicam Beastie is out now on Godz Ov War Productions / Third Eye Temple

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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