Palace of Worms – The Ladder – Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Is USBM alive?


Palace of Worms is a typical USBM band: non-linear riffs, yet it shows harsh vocals that are inherent to black metal. But alien elements (must I call them experimental, I don’t think so) enter in the music here and there.

Some say the band is “depressive” black metal, yet it has upbeat elements to prove otherwise.

Palace of Worms is a strange but a good band that deviated from the norm, tries to catch up in the black metal bandwagon, but after some years of American Black Metal trying to invert the senses of what people should perceive as BM, the fans know better.

The fact here is POW is a black metal band in the essence. But external elements that go to and fro are so many, that they became orphans in the labeling land.

The band has its moments in tracks like Nightworld and the excellent An Innate Sickness.

Creative with few black metal pieces to explore, POW do what it has to do and get things done with sinister riffs, somber passages, but not as sad as it was intended to be. Authentic or not (and I think it is) The Ladder is a good album, complex in its simplicity (no I’m not trying to use oxymoron just for the sake of it). But strange as it may sound, Palace of Worms sounds a little bit out of the black metal clique. Is USBM alive?

The Ladder is out now on Sentient Ruin Laboratories


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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