Serpents Lair – Circumambulating The Stillborn – Hellthrasher Productions

Convoluted Black Metal.


One can call Serpents Lair a progressive Black Metal band. Don’t get me wrong. They are no Enslaved. But these Danes know how to create long songs without sounding boring.

This band is very obscure and Circumambulating The Stillborn has 7 tracks.

After the intro, Epistemology of Death has screaming riffs, very high-pitched, yet, they mix like no other the atmosphere of black metal with the heaviness of death metal. But for all effects they are a black metal band. The track is serpentine (pardon me for the pun) with long phrases, like various songs that where gathered together without sounding incoherent.

Circumambulating the Stillborn continues the excellent work with abysmal vocals, with fast parts and snail paced ones but never losing the grit for the extreme music, and not without pedigree, this is pure black, but encapsulated in a well done production.

Mortui Vivos Docent has a long introduction and then a reverberating drumming with a phantasmal riff that explodes in turn into an insane and multiplex music. What is complicated is not the technicality per se. It’s that the songs are long, and inside it infinite phrases can be put, so although it doesn’t sound pensive, the song has a tremendous net of riffs and variations and nuances.

Another fantastic track is the closer Devouring Wrathe with rapid fire sounds and malevolent atmosphere inside a lacework of vortexes that fathers admixed drives into one’s soul.

Circumambulating The Stillborn is not easy to digest, yet is a work of art. You can listen to it on bandcamp:

Circumambulating The Stillborn is out now on Hellthrasher Productions


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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