Omen – Hammer Damage – Pure Steel Records

The cult from US never dies. Power Metal at its best.


Nostalgic people don’t be sad. Omen is back and with a great power metal opus! Consisting of 9 tracks of pure old school metal, the band delivers what is best in the world of true metal music.

Many people will say that it’s just a bunch of old acts trying to sound old in a time that old is wanted. That’s the whole truth, nobody has illusions about that but it’s where the charm resides as well.

Hammer Damage and Chaco Canyon starts the binge of pure power metal mania, showing that the true is still alive. For those who don’t know, Omen is no new band trying to sound old. They are old, trying to sound themselves.

The best track is Cry Havoc with an intricate sound, it’s not catchy and that’s exactly what caught me:  Strange tempos at behest of originality in an old but efficient infrastructure.

Another great track is Era of Crisis, a sound to be remembered. Strong guitar attacks although the production sounds somewhat modest, but really, who cares? The real metallers don’t go for that!

The track A.F.U is a prodigious instrumental tune with like one thousand solos, that kind of heavy metal that lives up to its name.

Hammer Damage by Omen is a force to be reckoned with. If you doubt just take a heed, if you don’t like it a poser you are dear Sir.

Hammer Damage  is out now on Pure Steel Records.  


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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