Blaak Heat – Shifting Mirrors – Svart Records

The Arabic metal from France.


This is a unique band, progressive rock metal and Arabic sounds mixed as one.

In fact, this band is great because of the cohesive factor, it doesn’t not seem a salad, it’s rather good music.

The instrumental is second to none with influence of Krautrock, Zeuhl, Prog Metal, but the problem here is the vocals. No, they are not that bad, but hell it seems an imitation of Ozzy. If they didn’t exist so the listener could concentrate himself in the marvelous instrumental factor. But I guess one must take it as it comes.

About the one million influences in the press release, I thought it was a bit of hyperbolical, as if it was that way the sound would be incomprehensible and that’s not the case here, as they experiment in their own avant garde way but Shifting Mirrors sounds more like a Seventies hard rock album reminiscent of psych music than a proper progressive opera in the form of ELP or King Crimson. For sure, it’s simpler than that.

A good trip for those who want to hear something very different of it’s being done in the musical market as of today.

Shifting Mirrors  is out now on Svart Records .


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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