Death Metal onslaught from US


Released originally in March and now out in vinyl this death metal band is a bulldozer that sees no limits for its own destruction.

Containing 10 tracks of purest noise guided by the old school but with a proper sound, this is a metal salvation.

Opener Sanguiniac is highly toxic metal, so if a poseur you are don’t even get any nearer.

Murderous Thirst has a non-stop drumming with a tremendous wall of noise that is made to torn people apart, it really shows what this band is capable of.

By the third attack Relentless Revenge, the kind of the sound the band nurtures becomes definitely the norm and a nuclear train is no match for the sound they execute here played with magnificent force and hatefulness for the humankind, non-stop death metal madness, no “tech”, only a brutal form of inherited revulsion… from hell!!!

There is no stop and no sympathy for anyone’s eardrums in the track Psychopathic Awakenings which is raw as fuck and certainly the death metal kiddos won’t get such aggressiveness and won’t never understand why a band can be so cruel in their approach of their own music.

The rest of the tracks follow suit and there’s not much to say about it, but certainly some won’t do it until the end of the opus.

Surgikill is a band that totes has my vote and will deserve several spins, totally infernal and relentless that is what I used to call death metal back in the day.

Sanguinary Revelations LP is out TODAY on HELLS HEADBANGERS.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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