Disharmony (Greece) – Goddamn the Sun CD/LP – Iron Bonehead

A Natural Born Extreme Metal Classic.


Disharmony from Athens (there is another one which is prog metal also from Athens, this is the Black Death one) is not exactly a new band. Starting off back in 1991 (the belle epoch of Hellenic Black Metal) the band called it quits in 1995, achieving no fame. They’ve ignited again in 2014 and now in the 2017 CE they appear with this IMPRESSING release, Goddamn the Sun.

The intro is very (ahem) sad one, calling the demons in while the actual track The Gates of Elthon begins with a doom-laden sound, very heavy but don’t get deluded: the track explodes into a packed blackened Death Metal (or a black metal with parts of Death), fast as fuck, and with a hell of musicality, with remarkable vocals of Damien King III.

The song Elochim is an instant hit and one doesn’t need one million spins to “understand” the music: it’s a metal rocker of satanic sorts (just remember the first time you’ve listened to Morbid Angel’s Immortal Rites). No, they are no Morbid Angel, but yes, the song is THAT good. There are plenty (of) keyboards but somewhat they DON’T sound cheaply melodic, it’s strong music for strong minds.

Summon the Legions invokes the demons in an aghast track and it’s some in blasphemous fashion: one might ask himself if this is simple extreme metal or a coven. SUMMON SAMAEL!

War in Heaven is not that impressive, it’s a good track, no doubt but what calls the attention here is a sampled feminine voice being repeated as if it was a chorus. Strange.

Another highlight is Whore of Babylon with its somewhat broken tempo, tailor-made for those who like their metal extreme but their music good.

Third Resurrection sounds like the intro of the album, but strangely enough seems like a requiem version of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. No seriously, listen to it and give me a feedback and tell me I’m not paranoid. Eventually the track changes its phrase to somewhat more Rotting-Christ-esque (old). As the song is not that length (actually it’s pretty normal clocking in at 4:29) the vocals only start by the end of it, then a solo and it’s over.

Honestly, I haven’t heard something that good in quite a while, but judging that these guys aren’t newcomers I shouldn’t be that impressed. Well I really am.

Goddamn the Sun will be out in CD/LP via Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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