BONEHUNTER – Children of the Atom – Hells Headbangers

Metal punk or just good ol’ school thrash metal?


I still just don’t know what is exactly metal punk. I’d prefer to call it by the name: blackened thrash metal in some cases (this album doesn’t sound like Venom or Darkthrone).

Nomenclatures aside, this album is fucking excellent. Pure rustic metal, muddy hardcore drums mixed in the backdrop of satanic thrash metal riffs varying from Motörhead to Kreator and even some old Voivod.

The vocals are sure to be from the most satanic black metal type!

The mastering left the sound really noisy, not good for complex composition although it works perfectly here.

After a short nuclear intro, Demonic Nuclear Armament destroys the neighborhood while in the Sex Messiah Android, the deadly sound echoes through Chernobyl!

But it’s in the title song that the things start to get really good. The dramatic intro gives place to a desperate desolation in sonic form. The 4/4 beat is cool, but the vocals should be louder in the final mix.

Is Black Star Carcass a homage to the British goregrind band that became Black Star (Rising)? Just wondering.

Spider’s grave is the best song for sure: it has the riffs of Kreator’s Tormentor. Of course, it’s just a nod as the core of the song is completely different, but even the final part is identical. This no one can miss.

Cybernetic Vampirism has the strong chorus of Children of the Atom, to repeat screaming!

Man of Steel is a Spiritus Mortis cover (the first Doom Metal band from Finland!) that is available just on CD.

Devil Signal Burst clocking in at 5 minutes has an entire part dedicated to an incredible solo and then the album ends!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if one calls this band satanic thrash, blackened thrash or metal punk. The purity and sincerity that emanates is all that matters to real headbangers! Real and nuclear as fuck!

Children of the Atom is available TODAY in CD, LP and TAPE!

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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