Do you really like PURE Black Heavy Metal? Heads up for the new MORGAL date of release.

Morgal, a rara avis of purest HEAVY and BLACK metal is back to bring more destruction to headbangers!


Werewolf (the label of the guy of the same name, by the way does Satanic Warmaster ring any bells?) in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers sets the release for the new Morgal, which is self-titled, short and incisive and the date is November 30th.

The young guys (one of them is just 19 years old), two of them brothers, act like veterans and bring the purest Heavy and Black Metal tradition of Finnish Metal.

As young as the guys themselves, the group has only few releases prior to Morgal, two EP’s, one full length and a split album. The first EP is as recent as 2015!

Wait for this pure declaration of REAL extreme metal in a time that Heavy and Black metal bands are making questionable sounds that could be everything, but are not exactly metal!

Oh, you can hear one sound of the four here on Werewolf Bandcamp! Enjoy!


Tracklisting for Morgal‘s Morgal
1. Blood For Atazoth
2. Mistress Of Blood
3. The Black Goddess
4. Warcry Of The Vampire

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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