POUNDER – Uncivilized (CD, LP, TAPE) – Hells Headbangers

2019 – EXCELLENT START. rating: 10/10


Pounder is one of the of the most pleasant surprises of this year (and I doubt that in this issue they will have any competitors!).

This is a band formed by Alejandro Corredor (Nausea – a grindcore band), Tom Draper (currently on Carcass!) and the vocalist is none less than Matt Harvey (Gruesome and – BELIEVE IT – the mythic Exhumed vocalist)

They’ve team up to form this power house of British-laden Heavy/Speed metal (although the band is from Los Angeles) and believe me when I say. It’s a hell of an album, no frills, even the BALLADS (yes BALLADS) are freaking good.

Fuck off and Die is an opener with a speed(y) velocity, being the chorus really a hooker. Next and unbelievable tracks like Uncivilized and Red Hot Leather – the latter has nothing to do with the Motley Crüe song, but WAIT), are totally excellent, headbangers back to back!

Now the ballad: Long Time No love is a hard rocker and man, this is not corny. It’s actually a song to sing along and aloud! One closes his eyes and imagine the guy from Exhumed all romantic. Sort of absurd and fun as well.

Remember the NO-Motley Crüe citation? We Want The Night is a song that starts exactly like Red Hot, and it simply kills, because even so, the track gets faster and pure speed metal! If Helloween were still in that phase of DEATH METAL comp. (you know that one with Running Wild and Hellhammer), Pounder would sound exactly the same.

The Mists Of Time is a mysterious one with enigmatic riffs, singing and solos. It only adds more trueness to the fire.

Answer The Call is the other ballad: this time it gets sentimental, but not overtly sentimental, and it’s good.

The closer – called The Evil One – is dedicated for speedfreaks, American-style, satanic and fun as fuck. What a headbanger!!!! Destructive, fast as the speed of light, heavier song on the opus, it brings back the old pride of being a metalhead!

The most unlikely band is around. Excellent album and sound. Do you have any questions?

Uncivilized by Pounder will be out on 22 February 2019 on LP, CD and TAPE via Hells Headbangers. Reserve yours before it’s too late.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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