Malediction 666 – We, Demons. – Voz da Morte

When Brazil and Hellas collide!


Yes, this band is from Brazil but with a great Greek vibe!

Factor number one is that the guy behind Malediction 666 (Iser, who by the way plays EVERYTHING and produces the album) is a huge fan of Greek scene since forever.

Factor number two: Necroabyssious (Varathron) and Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) make very special appearances in the album.

The songs are earworms: they have a repetitive factor, but at the end of the day it’s still excellent extreme music: A powerful mix of death and black metal, but forget “war metal” or Behemoth/Belphegor: Malediction 666 has a UNIQUE sound. How exciting is that in world where the music itself is dying?

His creativity goes beyond borders: for example, in the track Portal, the cosmic trips appear in a blend of brutal blast beats and a shy expression of Greek folk song. Of course, no “typical” instruments are used here but the sound is the very epitome of the Greek black metal from the beginning of the 1990’s. If the intention was that, well, mission accomplished. The best solo in the album is in this track: strident, metal, occult!

Unmasked Savior is another natural born classic, and it’s the song where Sakis Tolis appears; expects waves of negative energy when the gates of Hades opens. Pure Rotting Chist collaboration, it’s not every day we hear that.

The tortuous ways of Forgotten Rage with a myriad of climatic experience leads to another great song which is Cursed Penumbra. Maybe the best song in the album where the riffs and vocals clash, this one for this etherial experience may be recorded in 1990’s and Iser is guarding this secret for this very long. Well I’m kidding it was obviously not, but hell, this one deserves all the kudos. This is the track where Necroabyssious appears in all his satanic splendor.

All in all, this is not your average extreme metal album. The effort led to a spectacular result. I’m totally bitten.

We, Demons is available on Voz da Morte via Bandcamp (click hear to stream and buy) only in digital version. The physical edition is coming soon but no date was announced as of now.

Rating: 8/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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