Ad Baculum – The Birth of the Human Tragedy – Brazilian Ritual Records.

Not so fast, but it’s really furious.


Once again, BRR presents us with another opus of the – not so old – but already traditional death black band Ad Baculum, one of my faves from this decade.

If you’re not aware, the band is formed by Meugninousouan (here with nom de guerre Lord Hades – the same guy who sang in the seminal album Wicca by Mystifier.

The being said, the band honors its past, not by being an imitation, but by being hardwired to the sound (production and all) of more than two decades ago.

The difference from this album to the others is that this one is more radical in this proposition.

Not so fancy, fast, brutal or tech. Nothing you will find here. Just honest Black Metal made in Brazil from times ago (those were the days)

Songs like The Birth of Tragedy are compelling, with drumming always castigating one’s eardrums. Perfect.

Born in Chaos is more mid tempo with few variation and repetitions of phrases. It’s like old Samael.

But for me the best song is Ritual de Sangue Asteca (Astec Blood Ritual) which is macabre to the core.

This fidelity to the old metal is what makes the difference here. Ad Baculum proves that being radical is not to play fast and evil. It’s to be a preservation society of the old black art that is dying.


The Birth of the Human Tragedy is out on Brazilian Ritual Records on CD and digital via Bandcamp.

Rating 7/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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