Doombringer (Poland) – Walpurgis Fires LP/CD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The serpentine way of blackened death metal.


Formed in 2007 by Old Coffin Spirit (Bestial Raids / ex-Cultes des Ghoules) Doombringer crafted their sound through out the years of occultism and musical barbarism.

Prior to this album, the band debuted with The Grand Sabbath five years ago. Yet, the band had released two demos and an EP.

So, everything is relatively “new” and painstakingly crafted through the intervals. The result is Walpurgis Fires with twisting sounds, but never appealing to technical death metal. This is organic, yet complex stuff.

Heaviness into the production maintain the cohesive factor all along: but don’t take the sounds for granted, the climates are always saturnine yet evil as fuck.

The opener Into the Woodlands and Agenda del Aquelarre sets the stage for the magnificent things to come (being these two tracks not so impressive though).

It’s when Sworn to Malice enters that everything starts to make sense: mid tempo black/death, guttural vocals, a myriad of riffs and tempos in which the intricate and familiar collide.

On the other hand, Stupor Infernal merges the calmness and the satanic attack with majesty, with a strange glue that doesn’t make them lose their way through the song.

The album clocks in at 39 minutes and by the time Briceia Chants the Spells arrives one can feel the end approaching: old-schooler, this track is just the way to go. The riffs are the best, in which the obscure and unknown are converted by the guitar solos. Damn, it was a while I haven’t heard something like that!

Unnatural Acts of Flying serves as an intro to Walpurgis that mergers death/doom/black into one entity of musical power.

Walpurgis Fires is a strange album, difficult to fathom. But this is the kind of music that grows with time. Maybe they just made a classic for future generations.

Walpurgis Fires by Doombringer will be out on LP/CD via Nuclear War Now! Productions on April 19.


Rating: 8/10


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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