Imprecation – Damnatio Ad Bestias – Dark Descent Records

The older the better.


Imprecation is not exactly new on the scene. They have their classic opus Theurgia Goetia Summa which was released in 1995 (which is in fact is compilation of everything Imprecation had released before this period. But after a hiatus, they’d returned in 2010 with the EP Sigil of Lucifer. Since then, they’re making the exactly same sound they were doing in the past so, it’s not exactly new guys trying to get into the “old school” bandwagon. We’re talking about a very classic band.

Damnatio Ad Bestias shows this very approach in their music: incorruptible, just pure satanic death metal, without “tech “ or “Br00tal” in it.

Being Satanic, they don’t exactly fit into the “bestial black metal” label, although all the imagery points to that. Here you’ll find death metal and doom alike in a mix of Autopsy and (old) Morbid Angel.

The sound is also very organic, no electronic tricks, no super fancy production. That’s the charm here.

If even with this information, you can’t relate, think they are truly headbanging. It’s heavy. It’s guttural. It’s the real deal.

First song Temple of the Foul Spirit pollutes the ambient with bellows of purest hate while the second sound called Morbid Crucifixion recalls Morbid Angel’s track Blasphemy from Altars of Madness.

Baptized in Satan’s Blood is very serpentine (according to old scrolls of death metal), a difficult song to learn by heart. But, man, this is heavy as fuck.

But the song that summarizes the whole opus is The Shepherd and the Flock. No it’s not the earworm of the album, but the doomy riffs, oh fuck, are second to none. How can they transform something allegedly simple into something like a state of art? The fast parts are equally exciting, vomiting blasphemies after blasphemies just to get into another phrase and with more energy and a quintessential death metal solo. That was the stuff I used to listen to when I was a kid, mind you.

Excellent album, Damnatio Ad Bestias is an album primarily for old schoolers, but any fan of extreme music should hear it to learn from the masters of Satanic Death Metal.

Damnatio Ad Bestias  is going to be out on March 22nd via Dark Descent Records

Rating: 8/10


Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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