NORDJEVEL – Necrogenesis – Osmose Productions

Norwegian Black Metal still breathes.


When one thinks that all is said and done, then comes the new Nordjevel album to prove us otherwise. Necrogenesis comes maintaining the Nordic tradition of Black Metal, but the fact is, it’s not the different sound that bands like Vreid, Borknagar, IHSAHN and Enslaved do.

It’s is something more like Taake and Tsjuder with Immortal production.

The sound is pure black metal, don’t you dare having any doubt about it, but is it original?

Sunset Glow starts off the album with a decent sound, but it has nothing great about it in its 3-something minute.

However, Devilry comes with a melodic sound, but fast as the speed of light, so this song is dead on! Some non-atonal riffs permeate the whole song and there’s even a syncopated drumming in the midst of it.

The Idea Of One-Ness is very complex music, although never going to “experimental” or “avant-garde” side of the force.

Black Lights From The Void remembers me Dark Funeral in it’s slow-paced moments. It’s melodic and not so creative, whereas is not boring at all.

Conversely Amen Whores, although the great chorus, it’s not that impressive.

The Fevered Lands is a great track, fast as hell, noisy and somewhat confusing, somewhat fitting in the general proposal of the album.

Nazarene Necrophilia is less noisy, backing to the “melodic” black metal, (I’m not talking Dimmu Borgir here), now this one remembering Immortal mainly in the involuntary nods to thrash metal.

The complexity of Apokalusis Eschation makes it one of the best songs of the album. A myriad of nuances, earworm riffs, just great.

The epic Panzerengel, the song that packs the album has something of spectacular in it, larger than life track with Wagnerian vibes.

Necrogenesis might not be original, it resounds (as aforementioned, Taake, Immortal, Dark Funeral a lot), but the complexity, the familiarity with the instruments, the somewhat gritty mastering, all points to an excellent opus. It’s difficult to dislike it. It’s difficult to try and find flaws in it. Once one hears it one knows he’s in a conundrum between originality and professionalism. The latter wins.

Necrogenisis is out now on Osmose Production.

Rating: 7,5/10

Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Filtheater – Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction – Memento Mori

Fuck you (and then some)


I remember when Filtheater started off and K. J. showed me, I was astonished  by such stinky death metal sound.

Now years later, K. J. founds like-minded peers like C.E., R.S. and A.W. (who the fuck are these guys?) to release Filtheater marvelous debut album, Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction.

Much can be said about it, and the press release suggests bands likes Incantation, Phlegm, Grave, Entety, Rottrevore, Baphomet, Autopsy, Nuclear Death, Embalmer to be compared to. While some of that might be true (mainly Incantation) the sound here is much more pungent: it’s for die-hards of Impious Baptism, Prosanctus Inferi, Impetuous Ritual and Grave Upheaval (how can anyone can get more primitive than that?)

Pure guttural waves of brutal and ugly bellows are delivered by K.J. and the velocity of drums with the semi-confusion coming from a myriad of riffs make the whole process of listening to the album something very dreadful; you know it’s only brutal horrid repulsive death metal (and I like it)!

Made of 9 tracks and clocking in at 37 minutes, there’s no earworms here, but I’d like to point to a track called: Vapors of Human Sacrifice. Extremely vicious, this track will melt your fucking face off with noisy riffs and competent music.

The other fave of mine is Amorphous Bulging Appendages: Pure brutal American Death Metal, (and by brutal I don’t mean any tech or modern trick, just disgraceful organic music), this track is the epitome of the album that intends to be what it is: a state of art disguised as a “tribute” to the old ones.

Okay, Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction is not a fucking tribute: it’s a masterpiece of behemothic proportions and if you are none the wiser, you can FOAD!

Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction  is going to be out on April 22 on Memento Mori.

Rating 9/10

Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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