Misþyrming – Algleymi – Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

When a new generation comes with really good ideas.


Misþyrming is not a strange name for those who are connected inside black metal. But as the “old Norwegian” way of making black metal saturated, (that was some 10 years ago), bands started to have really strange ideas, and I’m not even talking about avant-garde bands: they tried to reinvent the wheel. Shoegaze, folk-pop, DSBM, boring sounds, you name it. Like Fenriz said: “There’s way too much black And there’s too little metal”

But over the course of the years I heard really good ideas, call It “modern black metal”, “new black metal”, for me it’s just metal updated. And that’s exactly what Misþyrming does with their new album Algleymi: excellent sound, totally different from the “original sound”, not exactly avant-garde and yet metal as fuck!

This sophomore album of these Icelanders is a mid-tempo effort that pays off: songs like Ísland steingelda krummaskuð is an innovative way to assert the old. Riffs that can be both interpreted like being Viking or just metal in extreme form, at the same time melodic without being cheap. Its abundance of production shows that these cats are not joking around. Black Metal for the music sake.

The strangest track is Hælið that is DSBM and adds nothing to the opus, being the only flaw of the album.

Apart of that, is just an excellent album culminating in the final title track: aggressive and melodic, this song is a trip and it appeals to several nuances of black metal.

That’s the quality of Misþyrming: they converse with everybody, they include everybody; from the curious to the die hards, their property is to play an comprehensive sound, and for that they deserve to be where they are today, soon to be a great name between the great ones.

Algleymi is out now via Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Rating 9/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Délétère – Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum – Sepulchral Productions

Perfection Through industriousness.


Délétère is the perfect name of the celebrated Quebecois scene.

This is an EP (three songs only clocking in at 20 minutes) to celebrate the success of their 2018 release De Horae Leprae. Honestly, I found the concept a little bit complicated so I must concentrate on their exquisite form of black metal.

First song called Theovoratoris Aduentus although not the longest song in history (8:53) is epic as fuck with variating forms and phrases (although not so perceptible in tempos) , the song goes from brutal black metal to something more “intimist”. Don’t get me fucking wrong, this is not progressive black metal although it may be complicated to play but not to understand, and that’s the real trick here.

Second song Babel Insanifusor follows suit: shorter than the previous one, it continues the saga (I think that’s the point) showcasing dexterity and played with gusto, macabre as real black metal can be.

Third and final track Milites Pestilentiae III – Babylonia Magnis… is no different: it is complementary!  At this point one can clearly see (or hear for that sake, duh) that the songs are interdependent but they don’t follow (over again this is not progressive black metal per se) any segue.

But the lesson that this almost promotional EP leaves is that: black metal, when done by people with competence, never ceases to amuse me. Ever. Being creative without relenting to mixtures is the most difficult thing an artist can reach and Délétère has it. If I didn’t know better (from all their excellent catalog) I’d say it is a beginner’s lucky. It is certainly not. Although this EP suffices for the grandiosity that is Délétère.

Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum by Délétère is out now on Sepulchral Productions.

Rating 9/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Sanguinary Trance – Wine, Song and Sacrifice (self-released)

Industrial Black Metal or askew bedroom project?


Let’s get to the point: this is a mess. Why? Because (of) the production.

Oh, the production, every guy talks about it, but here it’s the focal point: everything here sounds electronic, the drumming seems to be recorded in 1986, and the guitars use a strange distortion that amounts to pure reverb! Confusing is the final result.

Formed in Austria, the guy (or girl who knows?) wants to keep his identity secret, playing the Batushka/Ghost card. Won’t work here. I’m not EVEN curious to know his/her/IT identity. So one has to stay with the music which is not a good black metal deal.

Granted, the person shows a skill in musicianship by not committing mistakes like playing out of time. Other thing that is clear is that he/she/it wants to create a kind of melodic/progressive sound given what one can hear by the spatial guitars, but apart of that it is just a mess of high-pitched sound in syncopated drumming that was badly programmed.

What would save this album from total disgrace? Something very simple: delegating the production to someone else, like capturing, mixing and mastering.

It’s my motto that nobody can understand thus liking a song without spinning it several times. Several times here mean wear out its welcome.

Wine, Song and Sacrifice by Sanguinary Trance is out now and can be heard digitally – (and downloaded for free) on Bandcamp. (https://sanguinarytrance.bandcamp.com/)

Rating: 5/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Ares Kingdom – By the Light of Their Destruction LP/CD  – Nuclear War Now! Productions 

The empire of blackened thrash is back.


As aggressive as ever, Ares Kingdom returns with this excellent album By the Light of Destruction. Being a long-time fan, somethings sound very obvious at the very first spinning: the songs are excellent.

Never meant to be the favorite “thrash metal” band of the modern kids (or in other words, never meant to be Metallica) these titans show an aggressive, dirty but efficient sound, sometimes repetitive, never melodic, and always headbanging to the core.

An example of that is Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem) with a great riff and the vocals seems to never start, just after 2 minutes (the song clocks in at 5 minutes). The variations between black/non-black beats are the thing and the desperation is different from Other From Chaos, more like a mix of Bestial Mockery and Sacred Reich (if the later were rustier and eviler).

All the disc is very noisy but another tune that deserves citation is Eighteen Degrees Beneath, a delicious piece of infernal vomit, for die-hards only (as always). The difference here is that their previous album called The Unburiable Dead used the First World War as a backdrop and this one seems to have no central theme on it.

The tribal sounds of Talis Chimera Est announce the end of the album (in a total of 8 tracks). It may be that more often than not I say that the most violent track is kept to close the album and in this very case is the truth. Warlike anthem of unspeakable dissonance and rampage, Ares Kingdom perfects the proposal of the album in this track.

A must-hear album, if you haven’t listened you should, if you won’t, you deserve to die.

By the Light of Their Destruction is out NOW on LP/CD on Nuclear War Now! Productions

Rating: 8/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Power from Hell: the truth behind the lies.

The greatest smear campaign in the history of Brazilian Metal.


It was November of 2016, everything was calm when on Brazilian TV and internet a guy is accused to attack a girl. Soon the news spread like a pounder: the leader of Power from Hell (one of the most prominent metal bands so far) was accused to be an abuser. Their Facebook page went down. No information whatsoever apart of unconfirmed reports that Sodomic was in jail. The whole internet was quick to point the fingers. People started to sell or give their CD’s. Feminists started to tell stories. Overnight, Power from Hell was the moral panic of the day. But what REALLY happened on that day? Sodomic gives his versions of the facts, and judging by the lack of information back in the day, you’re about to discover that Sodomic and the whole Power From Hell crew were being victims of the greatest media scam in the history. Discover the truth behind the gossip in a never given report, why Power From Hell stills stands as the greatest names in metal and what the future holds for these die-hards and survivors of the biggest smear campaign ever.

DSU – Hail Sodomic. Power from Hell was and IS a growing force inside world wide metal, but an accusation of sexual assault in 2016 took its tool on you, harming the band’s image (I still remember that you played Hells Headbash in US with Revenge, Demoncy, GBK, between others). I’d like to know YOUR version of what REALLY HAPPENED. Was it a misunderstanding?

Sodomic – Hails! Just to start I want to do an objection in relation to your first questions, in fact this case didn’t harm the band whatsoever, given that even after the episode, the band went on two tours in USA and will go onto another in August, besides tours in other countries since 2017. Now let’s go to the facts: I’ll try to shorten that is very long, it was not a misunderstanding, IT WAS LITERALLY A SET UP! Together with music, I work as a real estate agent, and on that Sunday (October, 30th/2016, elections day), I went to the neighborhood to show an apartment to a family. The visit ended around 11:50 am. I made a plan with my girlfriend who was in my home waiting that, soon after the visit, I’d get her to vote in the neighborhood where she lives which is far away from my own: when I was returning on the same street of the condo, an Hyundai in the opposite side came to my direction and literally ATE the lateral of my car e ran away. My car is a Ford much less potent and until I go to a point in the street where I could make a return, the Hyundai disappeared. I’m a calm man, but in a situation like that, it’s very difficult to stay calm, so I started to drive through the neighborhood after the guy, and when I found him, I saw the car parked in the upper street and I stopped to reason with him, and that was the exact moment that my nightmare started.The guy was a policeman (until that moment I didn’t know and I thought he was lying to send me away). We changed some insults and he pushed me and as an immediate reaction I pushed him back, so he shouted: “I’m going to kill you, you son of bitch”, and he went inside his car. At this moment it’s obvious that anyone would imagine what I imagined: (fuck, the guy was packing heat, being an official or not), so I run back to my car: important detail, there is a lot of cameras in various streets in this neighborhood and there was one on the corner showing all our argument and another one in front of the condo where I was minutes back which showed his infraction when he got my car and ran away. In fact, just not him was a real policeman, as it were his brother and his bother-in-law, so what did they do? They’d got away with all the cameras of the neighborhood that could harm his life and he used ONLY the camera of the bar that showed only my car arriving and he set up all the “circus” with the marshal and they commit PREVARICATION (a false boast that can harm others), or in good English, they were just MOTHERFUCKERS, they drank coffee for hours in the police station, while we were hearing laughs and I thought to myself: “I can believe these guys will set me up!”. But we are nothing when the subject is the system. I laugh when I see guys making huge posts on Facebook, manifestations, etc. Thinking that they have some power against this rotten system. Only when you see the same smashing you, ploughing above all laws that should be observed, that’s when one has a rude awakening: to try to frighten me (using his words) and to soften his injured pride because I had an argument with him and pushed him back, he made, with the concurrence of the marshal what is easier nowadays to destroy the moral and reputation of any man: it’s suffice to lie or say that somebody made something against a woman, EVEN WITHOUT EVIDENCE. When they’d realized that the law was above them and that their lie wouldn’t come into fruition because I’d had witnesses by my side, so they’d took every lie to the SICK MEDIA and my bed was made. The saddest thing of all is that this motherfucker made everything because of some $100 ( £76,41): that was the money I’d spent to fix my car. Why didn’t I openly say any of this at the time? It was simple: because still at the police station in front of everybody he’d hit on his gun and said: “hey hairy guy, let the bygones be bygones” meaning, “if you come after (us), everybody DIES!” This history, even being terrible, had a bright side: we’d sued and there are lawsuits going against a lot of people and institutions, including the State of São Paulo (which commands the military police), however the true criminals never pay. I TRIED TO SHORTEN BUT IT’S DIFFICULT TO DO SO, AS THIS HISTORY HAD LOTS OF SORDID DETAILS FROM THEIR PART!


DSU – On that time, if I’m not mistaken, Record TV (a Brazilian broadcaster) gave the news, not giving the name of the band, but the subject spread like a wildfire through the internet, with people against and obliging (with the band). What I want to know is: did you stay in police custody?

SodomicI explained above why they’d took everything to the media, I went to the police station to customary routines, they procrastinated, but I wasn’t detained (in a prison cell). There are millions of versions of the same story being told, and as it happens everyone put a new element, believing and passing forward their own “version of the truth”, but it’s impressing how people know shit and they just want to fiddle while Rome burns, making up lies and speaking as they know shit , or if they were there on that day. It is funny the mediocrity of these “beings”. Another crucial point that the rednecks of “rock scene” seem to not knowing is that, alike the greatest majority of Brazilians I live in a neighborhood surrounded by slums (favelas) and by the drug trafficking. I was raised in this neighborhood, I stand tall here as I always did, if I was a molester that made what people accused me to do, I was dead on the next day by the hand of the kingpins because people who live in the outskirts know that this type of crime and accusation is unforgiven. Even friends that were raised with me, but went to the criminal side wanted to have it out and to go after the policemen, but I wouldn’t never permit that, even if had lots of hated inside for what they’d had done with me. But by the end of the day a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I’m not a criminal guy, they were; I don’t! So to them it’s normal to kill somebody for whatever reason, not for me. To prove that, in that period until today the only thing that interests me is the security and the well being of my family and my girlfriend, because I knew that any retribution against those officials, it would mean that they would come after my family and me, so it makes no difference if any idiot headbanger that lives anywhere and have never seen me in this life, talk nonsense about me or my band, what’s important are friends and family whose always supported me knowing the truth.


DSU – How was your innocence proved?

Sodomic – They forgot an important point, they got away all the cameras to give the impression that I was in that neighborhood to commit crimes, but they forgot that I assisted a family and that I’d showed them the apartment, they’d even bought the estate by that time, they went to the police station and confirmed that they were with me and showed everything, we had e-mails exchanged, talking on Whatsapp with the timetable and confirmations of the visitations and everything else, and as I said in the first question when they realized that inside the law their tricks won’t work, that’s when they threated me to not go after justice and that’s when they’d taken everything to the media, to stain my name (in order to) harm me in any other way, I think that everyone knows or have any notion how the policemen are jerks (just see the everyday news), but the ego of these guys are more fragile that children, they literally think they are untouchable “gods” simply because they wear an uniform, or a badge, the guy with the help of the corrupt system  tried to fuck somebody in this way just because a push, just imagine what they have done if I had stroke his face, that was he deserved at least.

DSU – Automatically, the activities of the band were resumed. But knowing that you were in plain ascension, did the fact harm the business and the shows? How is the band received today (by the audience)?

Sodomic – Over again, as I said in the first question, it didn’t harm us in anyway, , while idiots in that time, spoke a lot of shit as usual from “warriors of internet”, I remember something funny from that vortex, in that exactly week when everything took place and people started to spread lies in the internet, I’d liquidated the stock of Power from hell in sales. I was without Facebook but I still had Instagram and e-mail for contact, while everybody was talking something different: “the guy is in jail, the guy is dead, the guys this, the guy that…” while in fact I was at home packing stuff (of the band) with my girlfriend giving me a hand to supply the demand of purchases of the materials that people was ordering and I was going to the post office to send everything, so ironically the haters are so useful as the supporters, they ended promoting even more what they supposedly hate, but this poor spoiled immature people of internet don’t learn this lesson and they continue day after day choosing the topics to hate and attack without realizing they are strengthening and spreading the word of they want to destroy!

DSU – Also, because the accusation, all the social media activities of the band were taken down. Why did it occur?

Sodomic – Simply because there’s no dialogue with ignorant people. In that time, of course, taken by hatred I was felling (bad) for doing what they did against me I made a huge letter hitting shit on the fan, but I was instructed and tranquilized by my lawyer and family to not publish anything, and of course I thought better and realized that my natural reaction was to counter-attack driven by my pride. But the silence was the best option in that moment even so it gave us the opportunity to take a lot of prints with fake accusations and to sue a lot of people.

DSU – Were the other members of the band attacked in any way?

Sodomic – The drummer in the eagerness to defend me had argument with some people, he was harassed but nothing grave.


DSU – When the band resumed, I believe you returned with a lot of energy, don’t you? How the EP Blood ‘n’ Spikes (2017) and the new CD Profound Evil Presence (2019) were received?

Sodomic – Yes, the Ep Blood N’ Spikes was the proof of the audience support: the Ep was released in 500 copies here in Brazil and the CD version was sold-out in one month, until then a record for a Power From Hell release, the vinyl version released by Dying Victims from Germany also sold very well, and the new album is going to be release in June 14th (2019), also in CD version (Brazil) and CD and vinyl (overseas).


DSU – Tell us more about the production and the future plans of Power From Hell?

Sodomic – This year we have two tours confirmed in Mexico in July, in USA in August and maybe another one in September through some countries in South America, but this last one without a confirmation as of yet: everything as part of the promotion plan of the next album that is coming out next month!

DSU – What do you and Power From Hell, as a blackened thrash metal band think of the current scene? Which bands inspire you and what current bands do you support?

Sodomic – Every day on the internet, especially on Facebook, there are gurus, experts in Metal talking about the scene, and I think NOTHING, I think everyone has to do his own work and talk less, people talk a lot. Nature gave us two eyes and two ears and just one mouth, to talk less, I’m an example of this case. While people talked in those days and perhaps even today, I follow my path working and producing materials. One day, those who just talk will pass, I pass, all pass, the difference is that they (together with the gossips and hate speech lead as blind ones) they’ll be forgotten and will be fallen in a total anonymity, while those who produce something will stay eternal with their opus. So I don’t talk much, even less about this thing called “scene” that is a fad to talk about, where every and each one of them seems to have a solution to solve and transform everything in a type of “Colorful and TR00 Norway” with bands “UNITED”, ect… And about the bands,  I support any band that works and don’t stay talking bullshit, being they Brazilian or not, but to cite currently ONLY TWO, one Brazilian that called my attention was a band named OUTLAW from São Paulo, that only works and don’t spend time talking , and overseas a good example of a band that only works and don’t talk because they don’t EVEN give interviews, are the guys of Mgła.

DSU – I believe that it hadn’t been pleasant all the process that happened to you. What were the lessons that you learnt to life and this, in a certain manner made Power From Hell a stronger band, both in the music and in the lyrics? Thank you for your attention and your time.

Sodomic – The main lessons I got were: Don’t trust in clap on the back and phrases like “you’re fucking good, I admire your work as fuck”, because since 2016 I know exactly who are my enemies, some of these scoundrels were the ones who most talked shit in those times, showing all the greed and inferiority of character in that situation and soon after some saw me in gigs and came to have small talks and extend their hands as if I didn’t knew who’s who, and it wasn’t just men, of course. Moreover the good part  was that many girls that really knew me including ex-girlfriends, defended me knowing that I would never make something like that, until today I’m eternally grateful to those who defended and to those who didn’t rush (into conclusions) and that part of people that still know how to use the mind to check it out when a situation or history is TOO STRANGE, and when something is really an undeniable fact and NOT just being too idiots to have not realized how that history and that video looked fake. But fortunately, there are some who THINK, and don’t fall in those idiocies and fake news that appear everyday around. In 2016 it was with me; thenceforth how many suffered the same injustice? Including people inside metal. The other lesson was to learn to have less ego and that losing time arguing with morons who just like to cause, don’t change anything in my reality and that’s why they never have and never will have my attention. To ignore them and make them realize they mean nothing to me and will never receive my attention, continues to be the best remedy against this curse. Excluding, logically those who overextended and literally invented false accusation thinking to be protected by fake profiles. I “felt bad” on how many I saw “crying” taking the money from their asses to pay for indemnity for libel and slander. Thank you for space and for the interview. \m/666.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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