Sanguinary Trance – Wine, Song and Sacrifice (self-released)

Industrial Black Metal or askew bedroom project?


Let’s get to the point: this is a mess. Why? Because (of) the production.

Oh, the production, every guy talks about it, but here it’s the focal point: everything here sounds electronic, the drumming seems to be recorded in 1986, and the guitars use a strange distortion that amounts to pure reverb! Confusing is the final result.

Formed in Austria, the guy (or girl who knows?) wants to keep his identity secret, playing the Batushka/Ghost card. Won’t work here. I’m not EVEN curious to know his/her/IT identity. So one has to stay with the music which is not a good black metal deal.

Granted, the person shows a skill in musicianship by not committing mistakes like playing out of time. Other thing that is clear is that he/she/it wants to create a kind of melodic/progressive sound given what one can hear by the spatial guitars, but apart of that it is just a mess of high-pitched sound in syncopated drumming that was badly programmed.

What would save this album from total disgrace? Something very simple: delegating the production to someone else, like capturing, mixing and mastering.

It’s my motto that nobody can understand thus liking a song without spinning it several times. Several times here mean wear out its welcome.

Wine, Song and Sacrifice by Sanguinary Trance is out now and can be heard digitally – (and downloaded for free) on Bandcamp. (

Rating: 5/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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