Délétère – Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum – Sepulchral Productions

Perfection Through industriousness.


Délétère is the perfect name of the celebrated Quebecois scene.

This is an EP (three songs only clocking in at 20 minutes) to celebrate the success of their 2018 release De Horae Leprae. Honestly, I found the concept a little bit complicated so I must concentrate on their exquisite form of black metal.

First song called Theovoratoris Aduentus although not the longest song in history (8:53) is epic as fuck with variating forms and phrases (although not so perceptible in tempos) , the song goes from brutal black metal to something more “intimist”. Don’t get me fucking wrong, this is not progressive black metal although it may be complicated to play but not to understand, and that’s the real trick here.

Second song Babel Insanifusor follows suit: shorter than the previous one, it continues the saga (I think that’s the point) showcasing dexterity and played with gusto, macabre as real black metal can be.

Third and final track Milites Pestilentiae III – Babylonia Magnis… is no different: it is complementary!  At this point one can clearly see (or hear for that sake, duh) that the songs are interdependent but they don’t follow (over again this is not progressive black metal per se) any segue.

But the lesson that this almost promotional EP leaves is that: black metal, when done by people with competence, never ceases to amuse me. Ever. Being creative without relenting to mixtures is the most difficult thing an artist can reach and Délétère has it. If I didn’t know better (from all their excellent catalog) I’d say it is a beginner’s lucky. It is certainly not. Although this EP suffices for the grandiosity that is Délétère.

Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum by Délétère is out now on Sepulchral Productions.

Rating 9/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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