old school Death metal Genocídio to announce new line-up.

They gave thanks to old members and are annoucing new ones.


Rafael Orsi and Gil Oliveira “Necromesis” parted ways with Brazilian Traditional Death metal band Genocídio

In note W. Perna and Murillo Leite talked about the invaluable contribution of the old guys to the work of Genocídio and are promising to announce the new guys by tomorrow.

Rafael Orsi joined the band as a guitarist in 2012 and recorded two albums with the band: the 2013 sonic destructive opus In love with hatred and the subsequent Under Heaven None from 2017, their more recent work to date.

Gil Oliveira from Necronemesis joined as a drummer but he haven’t recorded any album with the band. 

Genocídio premiered in 1988 with the self titled EP and later with the seminal full length Depression in 1990. The album influenced bands such as Rotting Christ. 

They have 7 albums and 2 EP’s under their belt.

The only reminiscent member of the original formation is Perna. Murillo Leite joined later on 1993 and sang on the sophomore album Hoctaedrom in the same year.

They were deemed Death/Doom metal in the past but nowadays they play full on death/thrash metal. 

Read the note (in Portuguese) on their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/genocidiobr/

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Iggor Cavalera goes from metal to industrial with Petbrick. Listen to new single

Noise, electronic, industrial… Iggor Cavalera comes back with a strange project.



Iggor Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Mixhell) is going to come back with a new project which is a duo with Wayne Adams (best known as Ladyscraper) called Petbrick. 

It’s electronic music or metal? Listen to the new single here: 

They’ve release a self-titled cassete/7”EP last year, wich was totally noise and experimental. Really interesting work. 

But this time, judging by the sound of the single things seem to be way different, more palatable as to say. Well different from the first EP. If you’re waiting any sign of metal here, though, none you wil find.

 track listing:

  1. Horse
  2. Radiation Facial (featuring Dylan Walker)
  3. Guacamole Handshake
  4. Roadkill Ruby
  5. Sect
  6. Gringolicker (featuring Mutado Pintado)
  7. Coming (featuring (Laima Leyton)
  8. Jesus Dropkick
  9. Some Semblance Of A Story (featuring (Dwid Hellion)
  10. Dr Blair

The release is due to October, 25th. 

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Vomit Angel – Imprint of Extinction LP/CD – Iron Bonehead

Pornogrind or bestial Black Metal?


Okay, Vomit Angel from Denmark (not to be confused with Wömit Angel from Finland) is a relatively unknown band that has released an EP in 2017 and now is coming back with a full.

The impression is that the band is a full-time bestial black metal (also known as Blackened Death metal), but by hearing the opus, totally punk-hardcore drumming, 4/4 tempo, short songs, sometimes very guttural vocals lead to a doubt: what the heck this band is trying to say?

My doubt is because, normally a genuine satanic band take themselves more seriously, and in this case the whole thing sounds like a joke. Grindnoise bands normally do.

So, it seems that they aimed at one style and got another. That it’s what makes things confusing.  Guys like me work with a certain degree of parameter. There is none here.

That is not to say that the band is the most terrible thing ever.

Songs like USG or Hobo in the Woods are totally my thing. Very simple riffage, repetitive indeed. But there are some really strange things like Vomits, with, well, sounds of vomits…

This is a 28-minute 20-track album, if one counts the bonuses, and although it’s very gross, it’s impossible to classify.

The conclusion is very simple: if they are trying just to be funny, they got into someplace. If they are trying to show some bestial metal, they failed miserably. There is not a simple conclusion here, but focusing only in sound, in all its extreme simplicity, it’s not bad.

But honestly, I expected more.

Imprint of Extinction by Vomit Angel will be available on LP/CD on  Iron Bonehead and it will be out on July 19th.

Rating: 6/10


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Holocausto – Diário de Guerra LP/CD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The final warlike bloodbath.


Diário de Guerra is the last release of Holocausto, and judging that they are split up at the moment, I wonder if it will be the very last indeed.

In any case they reverse they career here and come back to Campo De Extermínio (arguably the most infamous extreme metal album of all times).

That being said, let’s go to the album: the album is divided  in two parts.

First Part:

Songs like Holocausto, Refugiados / Solução Final, Zona de Conflito (Faixa de Gaza), Guerra Total Apocalipse (less Símbolos da Discórdia) were previously released in the demo Guerra Total that was released only in tape. The versions here ARE DIFFERENT though, mind you. I guess is the final version of them. The sound is very organic, and although singing in Portuguese and being very noisy the riffs are totally understandable, like a black with thrash parts. (Brazilian Old School version of course!)

There is a curiosity, the first intro (there are two) is the intro of Campo de Extermínio (1987) backwards…

Second intro marks the Second Part:

With songs like the title track, it seems that even making part of the very same session, the ideas are a bit different and even more violent.

Songs like Prisioneiro, Ocupação Hostil and Pelotão da Morte are very noxious and brutal.

It’s worth noting that the band here has the original 1987 line-up!

This a very easy album to like (if you are into really heavy and warlike black death sounds). And it’s the corollary of a band that was built for war and the logical closure (if the band is to be split-up) of sounds that changed the course of the most brutal forms of death black metal music. This is the real deal, the original war metal. A must hear.

Diário de Guerra by Holocausto will be out on Nuclear War Now! Productions on July 31st. SAVE THE DATE.

Rating : 10/10


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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ABBATH – Outstrider  – Season of Mist 

Honing the skills!


Outstrider, the sophomore Abbath album is great. Much greater than its predecessor from 2016 Abbath.

Outstrider show almost no influence of his previous band Immortal, and apart of that a new line up which always make things sound different.

In this album, although at least one song remembers Immortal, the others absolutely don’t.

The album is focused in more like a strange and perfect mix of old school metal and a subtle industrial influence. How come?

Okay let’s start from the beginning: Calm in Ire (of Hurricane) is the most complex song of the album, I think he would like to cause a different impact and he got it right.

Bridge of Spasms enters in a Bathory-esque empire with a “hardcore sound” inside the purest Black Metal possible. Scandinavian and violent to the bone.

The Artifex follows suit but in the middle of the song, it showcases a pure heavy metal solo, and funniest thing without being a “mixture”. It shows that Black Metal is still more Metal than Black, as it SHOULD be natural in all other bands! At another angle: is it heavy metal inside black or it’s just black metal? No one should answer that question. But it’s all there. But even with that there is another thing that one should notice: over again the Bathory-esque appears in full, mainly from the phase of Requiem and Octagon, the drum fills at the beginning put me back in the old days.

Harvest Pyre, although more assertive, still shows some traces of Immortal, mainly the dramatic sound from the album At the Hart of Winter. But don’t worry, it’s just a natural spasm and nobody here is accusing the man of being non-creative.

The Land of Khem alternates between the insane black metal attack and the insane Abbath vocals. At this point it is impossible to not realize that the perfect production is heavy as hell.

The title track is the most progressive and dramatic of the album, mid-tempo song, but it doesn’t break the logic of the album whatsoever. It makes perfect sense with its high-pitched solos.

Scythewinder is craziest and no-frills song of the album, concentrating itself in the way Abbath sings and the occasional guitar theme. One will not get disappointed.

Hecate is a black metal faster than the speed of light and if one had any doubt about the truest black metal nature of this album, even though the greatest production, this doubt vanishes in the thin air.  Over again the semi-acoustic guitar by the end of the song remembers something like Blood Fire Death.

Talking about that…

… the closer is a proper Bathory cover from that album Pace Till Death. It’s identical and even the part when Quorton from some limitations of the production in 1988 enters singing (second stanza), in a part that he shouldn’t (but as headbangers we are used to that, ahem, mistake), Abbath does the very same thing at the very same place.

Fun is a word for it.

The thing is that Outstrider is a perfect album of an artist who is in the business for far too long to commit any crimes against black metal. The album is perfect. Nothing less than that.

Outstrider is out TODAY Season of Mist on CD, LP Black Vinyl, LP Silver Vinyl, LP Clear Vinyl, Cassette Tape, all the digital platforms as Deezer and Spotify and on Bandcamp for streaming or download in high quality (this version doesn’t contain the Bathory Cover).

Rating 10/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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