Holocausto – Diário de Guerra LP/CD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The final warlike bloodbath.


Diário de Guerra is the last release of Holocausto, and judging that they are split up at the moment, I wonder if it will be the very last indeed.

In any case they reverse they career here and come back to Campo De Extermínio (arguably the most infamous extreme metal album of all times).

That being said, let’s go to the album: the album is divided  in two parts.

First Part:

Songs like Holocausto, Refugiados / Solução Final, Zona de Conflito (Faixa de Gaza), Guerra Total Apocalipse (less Símbolos da Discórdia) were previously released in the demo Guerra Total that was released only in tape. The versions here ARE DIFFERENT though, mind you. I guess is the final version of them. The sound is very organic, and although singing in Portuguese and being very noisy the riffs are totally understandable, like a black with thrash parts. (Brazilian Old School version of course!)

There is a curiosity, the first intro (there are two) is the intro of Campo de Extermínio (1987) backwards…

Second intro marks the Second Part:

With songs like the title track, it seems that even making part of the very same session, the ideas are a bit different and even more violent.

Songs like Prisioneiro, Ocupação Hostil and Pelotão da Morte are very noxious and brutal.

It’s worth noting that the band here has the original 1987 line-up!

This a very easy album to like (if you are into really heavy and warlike black death sounds). And it’s the corollary of a band that was built for war and the logical closure (if the band is to be split-up) of sounds that changed the course of the most brutal forms of death black metal music. This is the real deal, the original war metal. A must hear.

Diário de Guerra by Holocausto will be out on Nuclear War Now! Productions on July 31st. SAVE THE DATE.

Rating : 10/10


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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