5 songs for your Halloween night!

No it’s totally different that you’ve read so far

Every year the three rock songs that everybody things about are: Halloween (Helloween), Halloween (King Diamond) and Samhain (Samhain).

Here goes five songs, that don’t need much explanation for their reason to be. Just click play and let the evil take care of your body and soul. Happy Halloween bastards! 






(Roderick Totentanz)

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Sarke – Gastwerso (Indie Recordings)

Let the ghost war begin!


This is the 6th album of Sarke and if you don’t like the band, you are a poser. Not that I’m the truth owner, but hell, this band is for few and I simply don’t think this is the way to be. They deserve more for the quality.

How’s that?

They’ve, in the last 10 years, been honing the “Sarke Sound” which is a mix of Kreator, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone (being the voice of Nocturno Kulto adding much to that), but being this the 6th album, they were perfect then, they are perfectly original now.

That is to say: they never had a bad album and they have the best album so far!

Gastwerso means Ghost War and that’s the song that opens the album. With a killer riff, the song is bombastic and the simple way of singing from Nocturno Culto (who is the star here, not because he’s from Darkthrone, but because his voice meets perfectly with the way of Sarke (the musician, not the band aka Thomas Berglie from Tulus and Khold). The team is completed by Steinar Gundersen (lead guitars, ICS Vortex ex-Lunaris), Anders Hunstad (live session for Satyricon and Tulus), Terje Myhre Kråbøl (drums – Killing for Company, Katechon ex- Faustcoven between others) and Stian Myhre Kråbøl (guitars – Tulus and Khold)

Another great song is Mausoleum with the darkest atmosphere, pessimistic words, an impeccable instrumental, simple but not simplistic. By the way, I think by this track is proven that people can make good songs without being hyper-technical. This is not punk rock, but the metal here is uniquely direct.

The “new demon” here is the pseudo-ballad The Endless Wait, with a crescendo of instrumentations, layers after layers, melancholic vocals and by the end, real female-lead vocals. Strange, given the gothic-like nature of the song but makes total sense with their Sarke-esque form of Black/Thrash Metal.

But my absolute fave is In the Flames which is obscure as hell. I mean, fuck, with all these black metal bands around, it’s been difficult to find something really fearsome and sung with gusto for the dark. Tons of negativity!

Cribs Hand, the closer, it’s a mix of The Endless Wait and the other tracks.

Not just because I put my faves on the table that other songs are negligible. They are ALL excellent making Gastwerso one of the best albums of the year (just one was not written by me). I mean it can get seriously the number one position, depending (on) how the year ends. It will be revealed by December.

In other words, you cannot live without this album. You just can’t. Accept the truth and buy it.

Gastwerso is going to be out on Indie Recordings and the date of release is November 1st.

Rating 10/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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HAVOHEJ – Table of Uncreation (Hells Headbangers)

Paul Ledney is possessed!


Havohej is the second attack of Paul Ledney in less than one month (the other being the excellent Profanatica album).

Havohej has being doing some really experimental albums with no guitars or basses… Only electronic drums with dark ambient textures in the background, and his voice spewing blasphemies against christ.

I daresay that for me is always sick as fuck and one of the projects that always inspired me.

This time it has something different, and something very simple: it seems that the sound was made by the very same way but it was mastered.

But the sickness is still there: the dementia of God Of All Constellation or the last track Fatir are the greatest examples of this exquisite and marvelous way of doing black metal.

The tribal heaviness of The Black King is second to none as it is the terrible Seven Jinn.. Arrrrghhhh

The first time I’ve heard the latter I was totally devastated by a torrent of vomits and suffering against the bastard Nazarene. I mean, can one get more PRIMITIVE THAN THAT?

Impossible Force was composed by Satan himself… This is extremely destructive.

Table Of Uncreation is another masterpiece of Mr. Ledney and his unhinged creative mind of purest evil and it totally has my vote.

If all the black metal bands were like this, no poser people and impostors would be infiltrated.

Fuck JEHOVAH, all hail HAVOHEJ!

Table of Uncreation is going to be out on CD, LP, TAPE via Hells Headbangers on November 15th. Kill the pirates!

Rating: 9/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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The Lone Madman – Let the Night Come (Saturnal)

Probably the best doom release of the year.


This is the debut album of The Lone Madman, with just four tracks clocking in at 43 minutes of Sabath-esque Heavy Metal from Finland.

Being from Finland is funny because they are not FUNERAL DOOM METAL, they sound more like an American or Swedish band. If you are looking for some sludge here, stop reading now!

They are more from the Candlemass and Pagan Altar school with a mix with Seremonia which means that they are heavy and have a psych touch at the same time.

First track, the epic true doom Let The Night Come is mid-tempo but never sad. Over again, if you looking for sadness go find somewhere else. The repetitive vocals with the choruses are a bonus of earworm sound. It’s impossible to not singalong.

The Downfall is not so different, but it sounds like they are even heavier and the vocals are more remarkable than the first song. Not because it is even more “singalong” but because it is more obscure and sung with an unmatched passion. Of course, being a 11-minute affair, some variations are necessary, and they use them wisely. A long instrumental follows with the basics of heavy metal until the tailpiece of enthusiastic vocals. Perfect.

My fave is the 3rd and penultimate song Häxan. Dude this song kills. Beyond the ardent vocals, this song is where the influence of occult music appears in earnest (totally lacking in the two first tracks). Not that they change abruptly and that is the trick. They make differently with the same MO. It seems that Black Widow from UK comeback from the 60’s just to scream: AHHHHH HÄXAN! Pal, I do love this theme.

Last track called House of Mourning is not so remarkable and the band lost some points with this one. It’s not completely a bummer, it makes sense with the album, but the force of other tracks makes this one subpar.

Let the Night Come is an excellent debut, (they have another EP), and hell, if they follow their own formula, they can become a great name in the style!

Let the Night Come is going to be out on Saturnal on October 25th via Saturnal

Rating: 8/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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DENIAL OF GOD – The Hallow Mass – (Osmose / Hells Headbangers)

Upon the throne of horror black metal.


Now brace yourselves for what is one of the best releases of the year. This is a tragic release of pure old school black metal.

With parts that are doomish, songs clocking in at almost 15 minutes, this chef d’oeuvre of the style was thus conceived to become one of the most inseparable albums of the year. I confess, I was reluctant to publish and then abandon it because I grew so fond of it that my desire is to give it spins until eternity.

Denial Of God is no new band, and they released an EP this year (one song is here) – click here to read the critique of the EP– but this album is sincerely a masterpiece!

The first song Hallowmas is an opera (that aforementioned big song) that provides us with insights of sadness thus not being DSBM, but being more romantic in the middle of the noisy binge. The brutish riffs have space to be understandable in an iteration that is epic. A travel to the cemeteries where the souls of the dead wander: syncopated drums, theme solos, lamenting black metal vocals, occasionally fast drums a quasi-prog work without being so. Honestly, I could write a book just about this song, so let’s go ahead.

Undead Hunger, a 10-minute piece, is an interesting tune because it solves the problem posed by the first track: how to decodify a long song. As it’s a middle-pace affair, a 10-miute-tune becomes to sound like 4-minute one… It’s so entrancing that one finds itself traveling, though space and time are becoming unglued. Once one gets caught by the serpentine nature of the song, he sits right back and enjoy layer upon layer of black metal. Marvelous!

My opinion on The Shapeless Mass, the song that gives name on the aforementioned EP has changed a little over time, from good, to excellent, as I had more doses of it and the song started to become one of my favorites, that you know exactly where the parts are, and even sing along with it. Heck what a track!

The romantic, sad, and horror-like The Lake In The Woods is strong enough to make one deeply impressed by its minimalistic but painful riffs. Vocals vary between whispering in more delicate parts to full guttural when the heaviness returns. Impossible to remain unemotional during the 10 minutes (over again) of this one…

Hour of the Worm is the heaviest and fastest song of all opus. Short (compared to other tracks) is concise and it pass its message across without beating around the bush. Stunningly angry and maintaining the tradition of the Scandinavian Black Metal.

A Thousand Funerals, the shortest song of the album, clocking in only at one minute and fift- three seconds, works as an interlude, nonetheless being very… well, funeral…

To close the album The Transylvanian Dream has basically two parts… the first one is fast and follow the general rules of the CD (which by NO means is bad, mind you). The second parts has syncopated rhythmic session and riffs larger than life, although very repetitive, while in the very last minute returns to its original theme. I do admire people who go full circle.

Is the Hollow Mass the best black metal album of the year? I couldn’t answer that right now, but is one of the strongest contenders I’ve found so far. Do you doubt it?

The Hallow Mass is going to be out on Osmose / Hells Headbangers on October 25.

Rating: 10/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Byyrth – Cold Autumn Shadows (Iron Bonehead)

Cold Autumn California: The strangest raw black metal of the year.


Byyrth (another band that is on the bill of Never Surrender II festival that will take place this very weekend –click here for more info) is from California. They make a strange mix of raw black metal and somewhat inverted punk.

If one listens to the first track of the album, Infernal Abomination, it’s if Ramones went from Norway. It’s funny, in a horrible way. Calm down, this is NOT metal punk. It’s still black as fuck and extremely good. It’s just… well different. The screamed vocals are there.

Cold Autumn Shades is the exact opposite. A sad and dramatic song, (never melodic, that’d be an anathema to these guys), with coldish riffs, mid-tempo all the way, bad guitar sound, they are better than the majority of the “depressive” bands around. That’s a good deal isn’t it?

Parasitic Twin has a really strident guitar sound (where the hell did these guys buy their instruments?). A wall of noise renders any attempt to recognize what is being sung useless.

Okay this is not by chance: here is the punk/surf rock again… Of course, of course, in a very black metal manner… At this point is clear that these cats are not very normal black metal fans. The song resounds a black metal crazy ball, something never heard… Well, I dug it. The name of the tune could not be more unappropriated: Sanguitorium.

Now the part I really believe was made in a true but at the same time, lazy way. The final songs of the disc: Archaic Triumvirate and In the Hall of Sacrilege would not be so repetitive have the band worked a little hard in the composition. Some will say that is the truest way to make black metal, I would’nt disagree. But if one analyses the whole, these two songs really takes some points away from the effort.

Cold Autumn Shadows is not the best nor the worst release of the year, neither essential. But it’s the strangest and for sure the most curious one.

Cold Autumn Shadows will be out next Friday (October 18th) in 12″ MLP/MCD via Iron Bonehead.

Rating: 7/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Teufelsbücher (Iron Bonehead )

The unspeakable cults of the devil’s books.


This album is an absurd flood of aggressive noise into death metal empire: Unaussprechlichen Kulten (one of the infernal cast of Never Surrender Festival which takes place this weekend, read more here) is about to premiere its 5th full length. With a nod to blackened death metal this band is not pure blood fancy war metal but rather the self-made South-American cult that the world was missing.

The Evil Out of Control is the opener: packed with absurd noisome riffs and flak drumming, this song is a strange assertion of what this new cult album is capable of: change of tempos and occasional theme-riffs makes the happiness of the true headbanger. No solace you will find with this hellish massacre.

Keziah Lilith Medea is a storm of menacing riffs and the infernal distorted vocals at the beginning is a prequel to layers of riffage in a deluge of guitar solos and fast-foray sometimes syncopated, sometimes-not death metal. A great quantity and quality of information one shall find while listening to this one while the looming keyboard returns from hell itself to degenerate one eardrums. As the first track (and the rest of the album) this track is organic as fuck, leaving no space for tricks while the mix(ing) is simply perfect.

Cranquiluria is not as earworm as the other tracks but here come the influences in this long track: Autopsy and mainly Morbid Angel, but this is NOT, I repeat, THIS IS NOT a fucking ridiculous new wave of old school death metal. The comparisons end here! Somewhat constant in its own universe of phrases, starting as a pseudo-doom this song stands out for what it is: a blunt force trauma kinda metal of death! A vortex of bludgeons.

A Search and an Evocation, howbeit, has a more profound nexus, an infrastructure with a rhythmic session that holds the entire song, making way to development of the extremely guttural vocals and somewhat that confusion of riffs, here, is interchangeable without losing its belligerency. Helluva tune indeed.

Up to the end of the album, the penultimate track Flapping Membraneous Wings showcases an adamant and assertive sound: the changes don’t hide themselves in a wall of noise. It clearly presents itself with lots of solos and different parts, making a trip to the abysm even more dangerous. The great solos are what keep this album even more interesting. By the final, the track gets a more intimist tone, not much heavy, but demoniac as fuck.

To pack it all, the longest track of the opvs: Necromancy and Torment. Unapologetic as the other tracks, it’s not a subpar bet. The best track of the album is a travel to the realms of chasmal vocals, extremely heavy artillery of riffs and rhythmic session, basilar guitar commanding the utter chaos, this closer is the perfect assumption of what a true heavy death metal band should be. The sudden change by the middle to end of the track adds more insult to injury.

The point here is simpler than one can infer: this album had everything to be done wrongly. The apparent sameness is the perfect formula to disaster. But somehow, they managed to get these very same elements and make a perfect deal with them. That’s the magic behind Teufelsbücher. This album cemented definitely the importance of this Chilean band to the worldwide satanic metal of death scenario. If you look for brutality look no further.

Teufelsbücher is going to be OFFIALLY released on Iron Bonehead on next Friday, October 18th in LP and CD formats.

Rating: 10/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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