Sarke – Gastwerso (Indie Recordings)

Let the ghost war begin!


This is the 6th album of Sarke and if you don’t like the band, you are a poser. Not that I’m the truth owner, but hell, this band is for few and I simply don’t think this is the way to be. They deserve more for the quality.

How’s that?

They’ve, in the last 10 years, been honing the “Sarke Sound” which is a mix of Kreator, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone (being the voice of Nocturno Kulto adding much to that), but being this the 6th album, they were perfect then, they are perfectly original now.

That is to say: they never had a bad album and they have the best album so far!

Gastwerso means Ghost War and that’s the song that opens the album. With a killer riff, the song is bombastic and the simple way of singing from Nocturno Culto (who is the star here, not because he’s from Darkthrone, but because his voice meets perfectly with the way of Sarke (the musician, not the band aka Thomas Berglie from Tulus and Khold). The team is completed by Steinar Gundersen (lead guitars, ICS Vortex ex-Lunaris), Anders Hunstad (live session for Satyricon and Tulus), Terje Myhre Kråbøl (drums – Killing for Company, Katechon ex- Faustcoven between others) and Stian Myhre Kråbøl (guitars – Tulus and Khold)

Another great song is Mausoleum with the darkest atmosphere, pessimistic words, an impeccable instrumental, simple but not simplistic. By the way, I think by this track is proven that people can make good songs without being hyper-technical. This is not punk rock, but the metal here is uniquely direct.

The “new demon” here is the pseudo-ballad The Endless Wait, with a crescendo of instrumentations, layers after layers, melancholic vocals and by the end, real female-lead vocals. Strange, given the gothic-like nature of the song but makes total sense with their Sarke-esque form of Black/Thrash Metal.

But my absolute fave is In the Flames which is obscure as hell. I mean, fuck, with all these black metal bands around, it’s been difficult to find something really fearsome and sung with gusto for the dark. Tons of negativity!

Cribs Hand, the closer, it’s a mix of The Endless Wait and the other tracks.

Not just because I put my faves on the table that other songs are negligible. They are ALL excellent making Gastwerso one of the best albums of the year (just one was not written by me). I mean it can get seriously the number one position, depending (on) how the year ends. It will be revealed by December.

In other words, you cannot live without this album. You just can’t. Accept the truth and buy it.

Gastwerso is going to be out on Indie Recordings and the date of release is November 1st.

Rating 10/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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