Örnatorpet – Vid Himinsenda (Nordvis Produktion)

Dungeons Synth for connoisseurs!


If you’re into dark ambient, dungeon synth, black ambient, Burzum and Mortiis this album is totally for you

Örnatorpetis an obscure project from Borås, Sweden, whose member name is unknown.

That being said, the quality in this so-called dungeon synth label (which are solely project made by kids in their bedroom) is not the best, but Örnatorpet enters in the market opposing (in quality) everything else and being the new Mortiis/Burzum when we talk about quality/production.

The sound is very pleasant to hear in 7 tracks of pure Nordic speechless medieval music!

Vættr, the track that opens the opvs has the quality of being very troll-like without being metal, and men that is incredible, because through the synths and whatnot the song grows on one who hears it paving the path to the rest of the album.

Third track Útgarðr follows suit and it’s a must hear for the die-hards of the genre. Viking feelings abound everywhere and it’s a delight to the eardrums!

Not so original tracks like Myrkriður and Nykr are imitations of Burzum (ambient phase, of course), but TELL ME, since when this was a problem? I see only qualities here, although the album Vid Himinsenda gains a lot of point when is being original as in the ominous track Hræsvelgr.

But the icing in the cake is the last track Níðhöggr, the most striking song in all the disc. It gets one by the balls. It’s like a sacred hymn of obscure proportions.

This “band” has his complete works easily found on Bandcamp, being Vid Himinsenda and (the previous album) Hymner Från Snökulla releases concomitant with Nordvis.

This is a gem for the those who seek QUALITY. Don’t look anywhere else, you’ve already found it.

Vid Himinsenda is out NOW on Nordvis Produktion .

Rating 9/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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