Nocturnal Depression – Tides of Despair (Sun & Moon Records)

Black Metal in True Despair!



The DSBM cult from France, Nocturnal Depression is back with another excellent album Tides of Despair. And no this is not “depressive rock” under disguise of Black Metal, this is the real deal.

While so many bands try to migrate or “evolve” their sounds, what Nocturnal Depression made throughout the years was to perfect what they’ve always done: quality black metal, even if it’s a very slow type.

Tides of Despair (the title track) shows a firm yet well produced sound without being sold out. Mid-tempo all the way, the riffages are very “down” without being cheap. They are repetitive without being boring. Actually, is a very enjoyable song.

The great song of the album is Solitude and Despair again with the iterations back in a simple riff that gains layers like a bass as the song goes on. Almost the half of the track follow this MO, but the phrases did change into an orchestra of anguish and misery. Over again, with instruments overlapping one another, this is a festival of mental squalor into a golden box.

The most interesting in this so-called evolution is that it doesn’t remember anything else, although the hypnotic songs are here, but over again, done with neatness mainly in the excellent track Slit my Wrists, that have some kind of atonal riffs and unexpected melodies for this kind of opus.

Farewell Letter is another high point of the album: this one showing extremely sad riffs and whatnot. Despondency in perfection, bereavement in high resolution.

Tides of despair is, as aforementioned (and before all) a black metal album. An example of a band that stays true to their original proposal, yet with grandiosity. This is not shoegaze or atmospheric black metal. Fans of DSBM can go wrong with Nocturnal Depression.

Tides of Despair is going to be out on Sun & Moon Records on November 25th.

Rating: 9/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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