Ruach Raah – Submission In Absolute – War Arts Productions

Blackened Thrash Metal or just Black Metal?


Sometimes labels can be confusing. This band from Portugal sometimes is labeled as Blackened Punk which I beg to differ. The thing is if they have some Discharge influence (as in old- Sepultura or HELLHAMMER, I can totally agree with that). So that it is, a Hellhammer-like kvlt of extreme black metal.

That being said this EP clocks in at only 19 minutes with 5 nasty black metal songs.

First song The Old Serpent indeed commence with a Hellhammer kind of riffage notwithstanding with a second wave of Black metal (in vocals mainly) appearing in the forefront of this simple but very rough song that got anyone by the balls.

Regressive Crucifixion resounds like a heavier blackened thrash band that ran amuck into the savageness of pure black metal rage. Extremely headbanging song, no quarter and no frills. Only for the strong in mind and soul. This is the one which most resounds like Apocalyptic Raids EP if it was recorded today. Fucking classic.

Great Advocator of Blood puts more pedal to the metal, with an unapologetic drumming, vocals from the abyss and elementary but effective guitars. A vision of hell itself.

Under the Influence of Lucifer brings more thrash-turned-black work with a mix of Nifelheim with Marduk. True to the bone, obdurate and perfect for invoking the horned one itself.

To pack the rusty metallic attack, The Sinister Bride is a party for die-hards of the old school culto. Scourging sound with terror and pestilence through bellows of infernal type, satanic velocity, everything runs amok and that’s the end of the massacre.

Before all Submission In Absolute is an excellent and pure-blood black metal work. And it deserves to be heard as such. Fuck the sub-labels, stay true!

Submission In Absolute is out NOW o War Arts Productions.

Rating 8/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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